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Friday, November 18, 2011

50 Cents Times Five Is All You Need

I'm down maybe $300 on the day so far, and Mrs. Flusher is doing just fine, thanks.

I had to run up to the room 'on business' for a few minutes and then headed back down to the Cal casino, where I'd meet up with her on the 50 cent Bonus Poker progressive.

Took the elevator down and start walking down the aisle, looking.

Then I spot her and there's an attendant next to her. I'm thinking, oh good, quad, scratch card.

But there are no scratch cards at the Cal. So why is there a floor person there?

Then I think, "oh my..." and check out the progressive display - it is not showing a dollar amount creeping ever higher as it usually does, it is displaying some codes or other.

I start running.

I cut right through the pit.

Oh yeah, she's done it all right!

She took down the Royal Flush progressive jackpot on Bonus Poker for a cool $2913.

It took a while to get paid, as there was lots of tax paperwork. They trimmed $900 for tax off of the win, so we'll be looking into one of those recovery services we saw ads for in the airport.

She got awarded winners t-shirt, and the win was announced on the P.A. which was pretty cool.

Tonight we have some sort of a buffet with drawings for cash... I can't wait to see what she pulls out of that, because today is her day!

Mrs. F's Winnings today


    1. WOOOOOHOOOO WOW I just posted keep it going on your last post and I then see this!! Awesome Job!! Keep it going, soon the cal will be called the Quad Queen!


    2. Be carefull of the tax grabbers!! Congrats. After 40 trips don't tell me you don't have an ITIN.


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