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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Playing a grand, Flusher style continued

So I'm taking a nice hot bath, minding my own business, when Mrs. Flusher comes busting in with a pad and paper, wanting to figure out how to blow through $1000 on high stakes gambling.

We worked on a bunch of things and came up with a list that appears in a previous post. But there is some strategy involved here... some things to think about.

After I covered my chips ('You're faded.') we talked about a few things.

The $1000 high stakes bets have to be made on her birthday. And all in one day.

That is going to be one, to quote today's youth "EPIC!" day. And it is going to be epic. And I'm kind of scared shitless.

But the sweet part of it is, a life-changing win is possible. You don't think so? How many bags of Doritos could ONE HUNDRED LARGE buy??? That's enough for me to take 2 to 3 bags of Doritos in my lunch kit to the size 7 grommet line at North American Veeblefetzer for the rest of my days, or at least, until Toronto wins the Stanley Cup again.

So you think that maybe just FOUR HANDS of $125 a hand Video Poker won't yield anything much? You have to realize, that Mrs. F is MAGIC. She gets dealt more hands than anyone I know.

Check this out:

And how about the time she decided to play some super high volatility game that paid a lot for Aces. After about six hands, this happens:

Oh yes, can do, can do... Mrs. F., the Quad Queen, has an uncanny knack for getting dealt hands.

Can you imagine 2000 credits at $25 per??? I can.

So I ask her the important questions...

"Suppose on your first hand of $125 a hand video poker... you are dealt like... a full house. Would you bail, take the money and..."

"Play it."

"You'd play the four hands you planned, no matter what you get?"

"Play it all."

"So if you play three hands and get nothing, nothing, nothing - "

"I'm playing it all. All four hands, $500, no matter what."

For the other play, we also talked about some other strategies like maybe taking $100, and making two series of bets. You start with $50 on blackjack, or an even money roulette bet. You win, you press it. You win, you press it. You win, you press it. The idea would be to go 50, 100, 200, 400 on each bet.

Another idea was $100 on keno tickets at $3 to $5 per, trying to win $100,000.

This is going to be really fun to watch, and to report back on. Especially if she hits a Royal for $100 Grand.

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