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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Playing a grand, Flusher style

On the upcoming trip, to celebrate an important personal milestone, Mrs. Flusher has been given One Large to invest gamble with in Las Vegas as an added bonus to her usual $7=$8 a day stake.

I know... it's pretty generous. And if I'd thought of it before her parents did, I would have done the same thing to help her celebrate her birthday.

The idea of this money is that it is to be gambled on high stakes, high volatility stuff, not run-of-the-mill quarter video poker.

So the question on our minds is, how do I does she gamble $1000 in one day in Vegas?

It's a lot of fun thinking up strategies and imagining what could possibly happen.

The plan is to spread it around on some different games and denominations, mostly stuff that we would never normally play. For example, $100 is earmarked for four $25 single number bets at roulette. If one of those comes in, its paid off at 35 to 1 for a nice $875 bonus.

Another $100 is going to be played in the Lion's Share machine at the MGM Grand - the single progressive holdover dollar machine from the 90s (or earlier) with the $2M plus jackpot.

Bonus Poker gets the nod with $100 played at the $2 level (that's $10 a hand) and another $100 played at the $5 level ($25 hand).

Somewhere along the way $100 goes into a $25 slot. Not sure if that will be played one credit at a time or two.

So that takes care of half of the grand... the other half, $500 goes into the highest variance, highest volatility, most high paying quads video poker we can find. And it's got to be for $25 a credit.

That means four hands of video poker at $125 per hand on the $25 machine.

I'd be rattled just thinking about it if I wasn't such a savvy gambler, and if it was my money.

The payoffs from this if she hits a quad could be huge... maybe it goes into Triple Double Bonus Poker which has huge quad payoffs. including some for 4000 coins.

That's one hundred thousand bucks.

Twos, threes or fours with kicker will net you 2000 coins.

Fifty thousand simoleons.

Aces with kicker, which Mrs. Flusher has had dealt to her on Super Aces, why that's a nice little windfall of 4000 credits if you hit it, That's one hundred thousand dollars, same as the Royal.

I'm dreaming already of how we'll play off a hundred grand in a day.


    1. All of it on Black at roulette!! if it hits leave 1G on Black and put the other G on the date of her birthdate.

      Great Blog by the way! I love your trip reports!! More Pre trip entries!!


    2. I highly recommend you try a $1 or $5 wheel of fortune for $100 - not only are they a lot of fun but you stand a good chance of winning as well.

      Have a great trip and good luck!


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