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Friday, November 18, 2011

Please don't feed me that utility beef

You have to love WestJet. For one thing, they have a much better name than GORN AIR.

And for another, they don't have a sucky, snotty, superior attitude like other Canadian airlines that fly the Air in Canada - which I won't name.

They are fun.

We got settled in - pulled the Aisle/Window split trick and the middle seat stayed open - and the crew did the safety announcement in Dr. Seuss language, all in rhymes. And soon we started to wing our way to Vegas.

The flight attendant came by and I ordered my traditional quadruple vodka.

"We can only serve singles."

"Okay, I'll take four singles."

That didn't fly though. We did have a nice time onboard and watched scenes from our favorite Vegas movies on the Nook Color.

After landing, the crew sang the old WestJet song, to the tune of Barney the Dinosaur's "I love you."

We love you, you love us,
WestJet's faster than the bus,
With style and personality,
Marry one of us and fly for free.

Would Air FU Canada sing to me??? I don't think so.

Upon arrival, the limo driver was there with a sign... but with Mrs. Flusher's name on it. I was modesty disappointed that my rude sign request didn't seem to get to him.

Spotted some signs that seemed to herald the start of our 40th trip. Could this be a sign? I mean, it's an actual sign, but could it be a sign sign?

The driver was great considering this was only his second trip in the limo - ever.

He wasn't used to handling the luggage and his clipboard at the same time and going down the escalator, it was us first, then a lone piece of luggage, and at the top, the driver struggling to get his clipboard and the other suitcase. But he managed a recovery somehow and nobody got bowled over.

Arrived at the California and checked in - oddly, it was the desk clerk's second day on the job.

I was very helpful, shouting out instructions at random as she tried to fathom the computer system.

"Hit Control. Now tab."

"Hit shift-tab, then Control."

"Hit F1, F2, tab, tab, tab, hold the Control key and stand on one leg."

We got our bags up to the room, and then dumped our plan to go to Main St. Station first, in favor of hitting the $1 Treasure Chest machines.

And third hand of the trip - THIRD HAND mind you - the Quad Queen nails one for $140. I dumped a benjamin and we headed off to Main St. Station in search of scratch cards.

Played some Bonus Poker and I got my first quad, a small one. Then I played some loose deuces and just to remind me that I suck, I got this hand for a $5 win, which on a different game, would be $500.

I took the scratchcard to bump the win up by a blazing $2.

We had a late night dinner back at the Cal coffee shop - prime rib. Did this go up in price again? It's $8.99. I remember 4 years ago or so it was $5.99.

Anyway - I think they screwed with the prime rib. It wasn't near as good as the primo AAA select choice ultra fancy top grade stuff they used to lose money on.

This slab was pasty and not marbled, and not very good at all. I think they call this grade 'utility'.

The waitress confirmed that they 'sometimes change suppliers' - code for 'yes, they screwed with the prime rib'. I'll try to confirm this once and for all by walking through the dining room and inspecting some plates. Aloha!!!

We were pretty tired and crashed after hitting up the $1 Treasure Chests for a $100 profit each. That is me with the dealt 10s below.

I ended up losing $100 on the evening, and the Quad Queen is up $162.

Quad Queen... will she live up to that name?

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