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Friday, November 18, 2011

Quad Queen Emeritus

Holy crap, Mrs. F is on a tear.

I should say, the Quad Queen.

We had a fitful night - always sore after such a long trip - and got up fairly early this morning.

Headed over to Main St. Station to load up on Crown, Vodka, and coffee for me. And hopefully get some scratchcards.

Lots of familiar faces working the floor there, great staff.

The QQ kicked off with four 10s for $125.

We played this and that and then settled on a bank of Double Double Bonus machines where the Royal progressive was $1180 and counting. Once it clicks over $1200, there's no point in playing it anymore - we'd get dinged 30% tax. I know, I know - its a problem that's good to have.

The QQ knocked down 2 more quads before I got any. Finally I was on the board with four 9s.

But she's just kept at it and at it.

I got a nice little straight flush, and by breakfast (at the MSS buffet), the QQ had amassed seven quads to my two.

It seemed to me they've chintzed on the breakfast selections at MSS - what is going on at Boyd???

There didn't seem to be as much fruit and pizza and stuff, and lots more doughnuts. Manny made me a fine omelette though.

When I asked for cheese he grabbed a handful - about a pound and a half of cheddar - and dumped it in the pan. Got a great laugh, then he distributed it to other cheesy omelette customers.

The next hour after breakfast, I got my ass kicked on triple play Super Times Pay while the QQ pulled in five more quads.

That's an even dozen. And we haven't even had lunch yet!!!!

What will she do next???


    1. Man o Man, you guys get more quads in one half day than I received in a week , good job keep it up!!!!

      Looking forward to the mega high roller day and a 100K win!


    2. I've seen Manny do that cheese gag before at the MSS buffet...he does a good job, but I don't think that "premixed" stuff they use is all that tasty.


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