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Monday, November 28, 2011

Roar Lions Roar

Had a great time at the 99th Grey Cup championship in which the BC Lions defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers by a score or 34 to 23.

And thus locked in a $100 win on my bet on the Lions to win by 7.

It got pretty exciting in the last three minutes as the Bombers rallied to put a touchdown on the board and were within one touchdown of screwing up the spread, even if the Lions won the game.

My cousin Piffles, who set this thing up, had some family things to attend to that cropped up at the last minute and unfortunately was not able to make the trip to Vancouver. We've had this planned for a year so it was bittersweet to be at the game and not have my Roughrider bro' there.

I stayed with another cousin and hubby for the weekend and they treated me like Royalty, which I am.

Saturday night was spent in the most amazing man cave you've ever seen. It's all outdoors, covered, and heated, with a fantastic selection of scotches and bourbons at the ready and a built in BBQ for making big-ass t-bone steaks.

Add to that a humidor stocked full of cubans (cigars, not guys named Luis or Ernesto) and you have a great place to kick back, drink whiskey, listen to music and smoke a few Montecristos. I thought I'd found heaven - screw the game, let's stay here!!

They really took good care of me and as I told my cousin, she is really like a sister to me.

And now I'm at YVR ready to fly back to Vegas to continue the madness!

Meanwhile this weekend, the updates from Mrs. F were that she was had an up and down day on Saturday, but finshed up $20. And Sunday, she got hit badly and was reduced to drinking and playing Keno in the room.

Another $70 win (the second one this trip) rallied her and she picked up a straight flush on some high volatility Dollar game for $500 beans. So yesterday she finished up $200, and I finished up $100 thanks to the bet on the Lions.

Meanwhile, since all my readers have been so patient all weekend looking for the next posts, here is an account of some action from Friday.

The ultimate man-cave.

Fellow Roughrider fans were everywhere.

Nosebleeds, great game!

BC Lions win cup and more importantly, cover the spread.
Mrs. F. hadn't had had only one straight flush in 8 days of heavy play (not including the Royal, which is also a straight flush) so she compensated by having one dealt to her.

The Four Queens is a friendly place. We like the staff a lot and are getting to know them. It's nice when you come back after 6 months and people know who you are and are happy to see you back. It's even nicer when the bartender remembers your drink and has it waiting for you by the time you have finished buying-in on the bartop machine.

The Flying Quad Queen arrived in the room and said, 'the elevator doesn't go to 14'.


"It doesn't go to our floor."

"What do you mean it doesn't go to our floor? It refuses? It's on strike? It knows that 14 is actually 13 and therefore unlucky and so it doesn't go to our floor? How did you get here then? Maybe you're not pressing the button right."

For some reason this last comment seemed to infuriate her somewhat. I made additional comments about her elevator prowess, and handling of the buttons and advanced technology in general.

Apparently, she'd had to switch elevators or something to get to our floor.

I bought in at blackjack for $100 hoping to repeat my long runs in the last two sessions. Dream on. I hit the most amazing run of bad luck. It was one of those things where you promise yourself you won't take it down into the dirt but your luck is so bad that you are convinced it can't possible continue.

Well, it can. And it will. And it does. And I dumped $100 in about 6 minutes 38 seconds.

Despondent over another lackluster day, I begged a benjy from the QQ and bought in at craps. She was heading up to the room for the night, so I had to bring home the bacon.

On the table, it was me, and two kind of drunk guys at the end of the table, one of whom was yelling and screaming at everything that happened.

He was from Minnesota.

He rolled some numbers, cheered when he rolled his numbers, and cheered when he rolled numbers that he didn't have bets on and that no one had bets on - that didn't seem to matter. He high fived his buddy (who had the requisite 'football full of brightly colored alcoholic drink' with him.)

When he sevened out I had made $7.

My turn to shoot came along and I did okay, setting a point of 9 and hitting it two rolls later, then rolling a winner 7, then setting another point, 8 or something, and making it. Had a point of four.

Minnesota Louds is yelling at me, "Can you do it? Can you buddy? WOOOO! You can do it!!! C'mon SHOOTER! Bring the FOUR!!!!"

Well, I didn't bring the four but he was happy anyway. And I'd made $12 in profit. Leaving too much on the felt.

So his buddy gets the dice and gets on a pretty good roll, lots more screaming and shouting from Minnesota.  Unfortunately, he's not hitting any of my numbers and when he finishes up and I'm down maybe $25 or something.

Minnesota Louds takes the dice and gets on an absolute heater. I've never seen the likes of it.

He made two or three points, and is hitting hardways like you wouldn't believe. I got on that train a little late unfortunately, but some guy who'd come along had a dime on it or so and was getting $80 or $90 on the hard 8, which hit multiple times. Min' hit back to back hard 10s just for fun.

By now everyone is screaming along with Minnesota Louds. The table is just going crazy.

His last role was, ahem, epic. Point was 4. The guy rolled for half an hour looking for that hard four. I kept making come bets with $10 or $15 odds and they kept coming in. He kept hitting the hardways. In all, he hit hard numbers 7 or 8 times while he held the dice. He rolled 25 or 30 times looking for that hard four winner.

Unfortunately it never came and he sevened out. By the time he was finished, the table was full and there were people standing around watching. It didn't help that he was screaming like a banshee the whole time.

I left maybe $50 on the felt when the seven came and had $235 in my rack, so I made about $150 on this one guy.

Minnesota Louds colored up and there was a torrent of chips hitting the felt as everybody else colored up and got out of there - we all knew the table wasn't going to be the same without Minnesota.

Collectively, we took hundreds of dollars off the table on that one roll alone, maybe two to three thousand.

I've waited a long time to be part of a really hot roll and finally got a beauty. Thanks Minnesota Louds!!!

It was a great feeling to color up and carry my two blacks, one green and two reds up to the room. I got in the elevator and confidently punched the button for the 14th floor.

Nothing happened.

Punched it again.

Nothing happened. Until the doors closed. The elevator started moving, but the 14 button wasn't lit. We went to 16 and stopped and the doors stayed closed.

Punched 14 eight more times, nothing happened.

Punched 15, got off there and walked down a flight and went to our room.

"How'd you do?"

"I cashed out $235 from a hundred! And just so you know, the elevator doesn't go to our floor."

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