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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Royal Flusher's 40th Trip Begins

We're on our way! The trip counter will roll up to 40 for each of us (that's me, and Mrs. Flusher, the Quad Queen.) For a long while i had the edge in this department, having had a consolation solo trip when I got laid off from my night job doing pest control at the Flusherville Armoury.

It really sat in the Mrs.' craw that I got to go alone, but she's since had an extra trip, or two so the count is even.

For now.

I have a few surprises on this trip that she hasn't really thought through.

Right now we're at Pearson International Air Wait, in Toronto. The day started bright and sunny in Flusherville with the drive to the Flusherville Regional Aerodrome.

This time, we flew Gorn Air from Flusherville to Pearson. The folks in Flusherville Regional Aerodrome seem to have a sense of humor, or maybe they are just trying to lay down some subliminal randy behavior on weary sex-starved travellers.

I believe this particular sign means "Wanking to Internet P0rn0 Encouraged"

As you can see, they've draped the Beechdeathcraft Fokker BVR13 Crashmaster commuter plane in Air Canada livery, but really, it's GORN AIR.

Here is the proof.

GORN AIR got us safely to Pearson where I decided to start handing out my amazing business cards.

The first recipient was the lovely WestJet agent named 'Colleen' (not her real name, it's 'Coleen', one 'l'.) She said she had a good sense of humor, so I slipped her the first ever Royal Flusher business card I've ever given out.

This act was met with a mixture of stone cold silence and a noticeable physical 'backing away' from me. I think I may have startled her with the brilliant imagery on the card.

We had the most amazing Swiss Chalet Chicken - it was the best we've had in years. At the airport. Go figure.

Then it was the normal gauntlet of 'show your boarding pass 18 billion times', take off your shoes, kowtow to the minimum wage security mafia, and then immediately having made it through, shop for high priced health destroying snacks!

We've got a few hours before WestJet whisks us to Vegas so I'll practice some VP and dream of the adventures that await.

Hopefully Presidential Limo will be waiting with a sign that says, "HAS VERY LARGE PALATE" like I ordered... the Missus will be so proud of me!

(If this comment seems odd to you, and it has to a number of readers, please see My Palatte which explains it, and has palate spelled wrong.)


    1. WOOOHOOO another Flusher adventure!! Good Luck!!!

    2. Hope you had a good flight!!! Go for it Flusher!!!!

    3. Can't wait to read your further adventures. I didn't get the palate joke, though. And hey, show us your business card!

    4. Hey, I found your business card in your previous post (looks great!) so as the late, great Emily Litella used to say, "Never mind."

    5. The palate thingy is explained in a previous series of posts where I sorted out sleep apnea.


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