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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Triple your fun!

Here's a double barreled triple play two-fer Royal Flusher Hand of the Day to end 2011.

This is one I see a lot.

Three Aces. A kicker. No fourth Ace.

I call this a Three Ace Johnson.

How about this little beauty?

This one is called a Triple Gretzky.

Hey, there's the fourth Ace I need, maybe Gretzky will pass it to Johnson.

It's been a pretty exciting 2011 here in Flusherville, and there in Las Vegas. I had 3 trips to Vegas, some amazing ups and downs, three Royals Flush, one big-ass Royal-less trip, some cool but unrewarding high stakes gambling, a shitload of video poker, and an amazing amount of fun, not all of which I remember in any detail.

C'mon back in 2012 and we'll have some more fun!


    1. Happy New Year Flusher!! Thanks for the reports and Blog, I love it, hope you keep updating regularly and continue with the Vegas Updates!!


    2. Thanks Ken!!! And a very Happy New Year to you. Royals to all!


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