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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Hand of the Bowl Day

The Super Bowl is somewhat popular, and so, a candidate for another Royal Flusher Hand o' the Day.

I have to admit, even though this winter hasn't been as cold as usual (I have only had my tongue frozen to 2 flag poles thus far) , I am getting tired of its dreariness, especially when compared to the bright lights of Las Vegas and the dizzy, inebriated sense of stupor you feel when you are losing your ass off like I did last trip.

This sounds like what a lot of football fans will experience today, come to think of it.

Before we proceed, let me just say that I enjoy football, and my very, very, favorite Super Bowls thus far are Super Bowl III, Super Bowl V, Super Bowl VII, Super Bowl IX, Super Bowl X, Super Bowl XI, Super Bowl XII, Super Bowl, XIII, Super Bowl Ay yi yi, Super Bowl IV (not four, the one where I needed an IV from alcohol poisoning), Super Bowl XIX, Super Bowl XXI, Super Bowl XV, Super Bowl XVI, Super Bowl the one where the guy's foot was doing 360s on about the third play of the game - nothing says last-man-standing competition like a severed foot), Super Bowl DD (Janet Jackson's boob complete with B&D metal nipple night-guard), Super Bowl IXXI, Super Bowl XIPPY, Super Bowl XXX, Super Bowl XIIXVIXIIXI, and of course, today's Super Bowl, Super Bowl MDNA.

Today's hand is called a Bluto.

Here it is.

I suppose I should explain for the dimmer witted of my readers, and those imbibing in Super Bowleriffic Cocktails...

This is a full house, dealt. In other words, dealt a house.


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