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Saturday, March 3, 2012 is back!

Exciting news for you degenerate but savvy readers of the goings-on here in Las Vegas the Royal Flusher Way!

Some time ago - a number of years, in fact - I let my registration of my domain name lapse. Well, someone out there knows a winning domain when they see one and it was quickly snapped up. It didn't take them long to put up a thoroughly engaging website which read 'coming soon...'.

Year after year I waited to see if anything would happen with it, and at re-registration time, I waited day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute until the deadline, hoping beyond hope that someone else would fuck up like I did and I'd be able to get it back.

After actually about 4 years - maybe 5?... (when you are in domain depression the years just roll by like marbles down a plank - whatever that means) - it happened. The domain was not renewed and Jimmy Poon snaffled it back.

So is back where it should be - in my somewhat capable hands, and right now, pointing to this here blog.

When you get the urge to read up on the hilarious yet trivial exploits of moi, all you need do is remember

If you type it in, it's a full 5 keystrokes shorter than! Now that's what I call customer service - because on this blog, I do it all for you, the degenerate (but savvy) readership of Las Vegas the Royal Flusher Way!

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