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Monday, April 30, 2012

Carry on my wayward Vegas Revenge son!

Do you have any idea how small a fucking carry-on bag really is? One thing for sure, I will NOT be taking my K-cup maker to Vegas as I had planned. That's gonna save about a cubic foot and 17 pounds right there.

Here's what's in the rolly carry-on right now:

I have in there 1 pants,  5 pr. gotch, 5 pr. socks, 5 shirts, toiletries. There is probably room for my laptop power supply, phones, chargers

By my passengerial rights as bestowed by Air FU Canada, I'm allowed one (1) carry-on bag of dimensions 3"x7"x1".

At least that's what it seems like when you try to cram everything you need in there.

Okay, I have one of those airline sized rolly carry-on bags and it is going to be bulging. (How I am going to have room for all the stolen things of jam and peanut butter I collect each morning at breakfast in there, I just don't know.)

I'm allowed a second 'personal' item. My usual carry-on is about 3" too deep to qualify. And I have my CPAP that has to go too. I'm trying to figure all this out and my brain hurts. The CPAP is allowed as a second item ONLY if it is battery powered. So if I try to take the rolly, the hand carry-on, AND the CPAP, I'm out of compliance with AFUC.

I can cram the CPAP into the carry-on but that uses virtually all the room and anyway, the hand carry-on is too big.

In all of this, somewhere, a laptop has to go, so that I can continue to entertain you fine readers throughout my Revenge trip.

There is a wildcard... I'm allowed a purse.

Do you think a laptop would fit in a purse?

How badly am I likely to get beaten up by the other guys on the flight???


    1. I know it's too late to matter, but you could just mail anything not essential to yourself & pick it up at the hotel.

    2. I tried that with some freeze dried moose meat once. It worked pretty well.

      Since I'm reading this at Flusherville Regional Aerodrome, I guess its too late.

      You won't believe what's in the post I just put up - I was AT the post office.


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