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Friday, May 4, 2012

Boneyard and Cavalcade of Quads II part 2

Because it was right there, I hit up the El Cortez for a $40 3-minute dump of cash into VP at the bar and a cold beer. And then had lunch at Le Thai.

I have read some positive things about Le Thai, and I can tell you, my meal was absolutely delicious. Nice, open decor, great staff, great food...

Le Thai is across the street from the El Cortez, one block closer to the Fremont Street Experience.

I had springrolls - a bit pricy at $5 for 4 of 'em but very good - and one of the many $8 lunch specials - green chicken curry. It was the perfect hotness for me - it made my eyes water but I still enjoyed and ate every bite. Like a tattoo, spicy food is no fun if it don't hurt ya some.

Headed back home to the 'Queens to get ready for the Philly/Jersey playoff game at the bar. Preparation consisted of sitting at the bar and shooting the shit with Mike while two-fisting Absolut rockses and beers and playing DDB video poker.

Philly didn't embarrass themselves this game but ended up losing in OT, and I went on one of those mega amazing video poker runs.

I sat for 4 hours and cranked out the quads. Played some 1700 hands. And ended up plus $120.

And now the cavalcade of Double Double Bonus quads!


    1. Thanks RF, will be there tom, looking forward to playing at ElCo and 4Q as well, I wonder how much longer we can enjoy the 4Q bar VP... can't ask for too much better than their pay schedule (well, yes we can, perhaps a slow moving RF progressive as well) but as you well know the cool $1000 always feels just fine, doesn't it?
      Your hit does make me wonder what the diamond progressive was on the suited progs at the bar when u hit yours--speaking of getting greedy... I might have to look for a sort of
      Canadian looking, absolut drinking, 2nd royal lusting gentleman when I am there, bet I spot you within my first 10 "excuse me, do u happen to write a blog?" queries, bet I at least get some interesting replies.... Good luck,


    2. Which FQ bar are you playing at???

      1. The mikes work at the one by the slot club, and the kings bar is where alan and dante work at

    3. They both seem to have names, those bars, must get it sorted.

      I have been playing at both actually. When hockey is on, I play at the Mike's bar, and otherwise, I like the flatscreens at the other bar.


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