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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Castle Awaits

Today's Royal Flusher Gambling Song of the Day Is: Ooh Las Vegas - Cowboy Junkies

I stumbled off to bed and slumbered. When I awoke, I did an accounting. I had $360 on me and that meant I finished down $240 for the previous day.

I was still up $511 for the trip. Revenge was still in the offing.

Headed to the Golden Nugget's Starbucks in the early morning chill and ordered my usual latte.

"And your name is...?"


She wrote Norbert on the cup.

On a whim I decided to check out the progressive amount for Four Aces and 2/3/4 kicker at the Four Queens bar - it was shockingly high at $635. I decided to give it a go and pounded away for half an hour before hitting quad 10s. I really want to hit Aces with Kicker on this trip on Double Double - I hadn't hit them yet.

I suppose I should be happy with Aces with Queen Kicker on Super Double Triple Overtime Desperation Hail Mary Bonus Poker.

The bar entertainment at six in the morning featured The Chubby Mexican Guys, probably in their mid forties or late fifties, trying to seal the deal with some Chubby Mexican Ladies who were probably in their twenties.

If they ever managed it, I imagined the sex would be like trying to stack two weebles on top of one another.

They'd all been up all night and it showed. And the drinks kept flowing, and the attempts at deal sealing kept attempting.

I hit quad 10s, which was nice, and kept hammering, looking for those bullets. Spent an hour and lost $60. Headed back to Fremont to give them some play - need to keep those offers coming!

I haven't played much 50 cent or dollar video poker, having learned my lesson last trip - my pockets are not deep enough to sustain the losses from variance at higher denoms. So I've been focusing on quarter play, and really, it's proving to be the right move.

Having said that, I thought it would be good to give dollar BP a shot, so I stuffed a hundred bucks in a machine and let fly. Played for 15 minutes, went down, went back up, and cashed out even, ready to fight again another day.

This is for Stu - I went to Lanai Express for Loco Moco at quarter to seven (they close at seven) and everything was put away. So Loco Moco was a No Go.

The Four Queens Aces were now at $637 so I gave it another spin and lost $40. The Chubby Mexicans were still partying, and I think the head Chubby Mexican might have put off the weeble senorita by screaming at her face from 3" away, "YOU HAVE NO FUCKING SENSE OF HUMOR! YOU HAVE NO FUCKING SENSE OF HUMOR!"

Repeating the pattern, I returned to Fremont and stuffed a hundred bucks in the same machine as last time.

This time I found some luck, hit a quad, and cashed out $260. That's the Royal Flusher Way, baby!

I kept playing and went up and down some. Good quad hits kept me in the game and when I headed over to the Four Queens yet again!

I was up $40 on the day. The Aces still hadn't hit. And the Chubby Weeble Mexicans still hadn't hit either. Now they were entertaining the casino floor by serenading the cocktail waitresses with their rendition of "Maggie May", which included a lot of stoppages in play for the next lines in the song to be remembered (usually incorrectly).

It was sort of like a drunken casino campfire.

Meanwhile, back at the Fremont, I decided to rest my video poker fingers and try some $3 blackjack. Bought in for $40 and promptly went on a tear. I didn't have too much time or I would have kept at it, but within about 15 minutes I was up to $115 for a $75 profit. As soon as the shoe turned, so did I, coloring up and keeping the money. Aren't you proud of me?!

Hit the $3 craps table, bought in for $40, and hit about 3 hot rolls, where the shooter hit over 20 numbers before sevening out. Colored up at $99, and the guy next to me threw in a dollar chip to make it an even $100. I was up $110 on the day and feeling good.

I was kind of rushing around because it was moving day - I was headed down to a 2 night comp stay at (brace yourself) Excalibur, that bastion of class. Mostly lower class. Like me. I feel at home at a place that has a buffet where you are encouraged to repeatedly take one bite of a chicken leg and throw it over your shoulder before grabbing another.

Meanwhile... the Four Queens Aces STILL had not hit and were up to $665. I played another 600 hands trying to get them, and lost $60. It just was not to be.

With very little time left, I packed up, saw the host (Fremont picked up all my food charges, thank you), and went on tilt, I'm sorry to say.

I played some dollar VP, and some crazy pick'em losing VP and dumped enough money to put me $100 down for the day.


Stupid Stupid Stupid.

I grabbed the WAX bus outside Binions, and headed for the Strip. The Castle Awaited!!!!


    1. The loco moco will be there for the next trip. Glad you tried at least. Make sure you get it at the Fremont though. You would think the Cal would have the Hawaiiaiiaian food market cornered, with Lamperts and the jerky shop, but the loco at the Fremont is the tits. I knew you'd like that.

    2. Last trip I tried the LOCOMOCO at Magnolias in 4Qs.
      It was huge and delicious. That is my new goto breakfast for nursing hangovers.


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