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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Leaving Las Vegas (Again) Part 2 - the Final Conflict

I transferred one last hundred dollar bill to my stake and headed downstairs.

The plan - I had 2 hours 15 minutes before the limo. I wanted to have a few drinks, play some VP, hopefully win, eat a decent meal, and head out.

I slid into a stool in front of the end machine at the bar at Main Street Station and shoved the hundy into the machine. The bartender wandered down and I gave him my order.

"Bring me an Absolut on the rocks now, and another in three minutes, and another five minutes after that. I'm not even kidding."

Started playing some 9/6 Jacks kick my ass, and the guy next to me pipes up, "So, where ya from?"

No one knows where Flusherville is, or has ever even heard of it, so I always give the same answer.

"East of Toronto. You?"

He paused for a moment.

"You wouldn't be Royal Flusher, would you?"

I looked him square in the eye. I couldn't deny it. I was, in fact, Royal Flusher, even though my nom de plume is Royal Flusher.

"You just met him." I whipped out one of my valuable official business cards and presented it with a flourish.

"Here's my valuable business card to prove it," I said.

We shook hands and it turns out I know the fellow from the various online places I have haunted and still haunt. Goes by the handle of Squidward. We spent an enjoyable 17 minutes talking, having a few, and losing $50. Well, I did, anyway.

Need I mention that I got no quads?

It was really cool to meet someone in person who has been following the blog and gets a kick out of it. One of the high points of my trip, really.

Time to move on. I had a $10 coupon for the Pasta Pirate in the California. Got that set up at the slot club, and still had a $5 food coupon left over from the tournament.

I got seated right away, but despite asking repeatedly, nobody knows what the connection between pirates and Italian food is. Are their Italian pirates? Did pirates crave carbohydrates? It makes no sense to me.

Helpful guide to Cheese in the Pasta Pirate

Lousy picture of the breadsicles.

At the Pasta Pirate they make the chefs slave away in a little glass lined enclosure. It was fun to watch them duck as I pelted the glass with spitballs.

I had a nice salad and they brought me a breadsicle. A breadsicle is a loaf of bread with a knife stuck in it for a handle. It was very convenient to hold the bread with the handle and nibble at it delicately. One must mind one's manners and not take 'big boy bites' of the breadsicle, when dining at the hoity Pasta Pirate.

Entre was a rib eye steak, and it was really, really nice. Cooked to perfection, tender, flavorful. A fit last meal.

The remainder of the $24 tab was covered by my slot points, so, another fine comped meal. Made me feel good.

I walked out of the restaurant and the first thing I laid eyes on was... a nice little dollar Bonus Poker slant-top. And I had my extra $50 budget left.

Well, of course I did. Of course. Played it down, got a bit of this and that, down again to maybe ten bucks left (two hands), got a full house, nice, couple more hands, and then boom, a nice quad for $125.

I cashed it out. Gambling activities had ended. I'd secured a win for the trip, and was leaving on a high note - a nice dollar quad. I'd won back my extra hundred stake, and a bit more. I was up some $200 on the trip and had a good steak in my tummy. I was happy.

On my way up to the room, my cell rang - limo was waiting for me. Got everything together, emptied the safe, headed down and off we went.

Did I say gambling activities had ended?

The airport, dumbass. There's always the airport. Had some time to kill before the redeye (got my duty free this time, thank goodness, bottle of Finlandia for $18).

Ah, the airport rarely lets me down. This, actually, was my last gamble of the trip. $20 in, $60 out. I left a card on the machine, if anyone finds it. It's in Terminal 2.

I deem this trip a huge success. I had a really fantastic time. I added up all the comps I got which included 9 free nights, maybe $350 in free play, mostly free meals. The total of all that, valuing room nights at $50 each, comes to:


On the gambling front, I had a net win of:


I had out of pocket expenses (various meals, airport rip-off items and meals, tips, bits of this and that, Plonknyett vodka etc.) of maybe $350.

And the airline ticket was (ulp) $900 plus $50 for parking.

Total expenses: $1300

Comps plus win: $1338

That's a pretty cheap vacation, and I was able to extract some amount of Vegas Revenge on the casinos by winning $250. Beats the hell out of losing $3K like last time.

So what made the difference? Playing more carefully. Training on VP and blackjack before coming to town. Playing within my budget, which means playing mostly quarters, and not taking many flyers on 50 cent or dollar play. Not drinking as much while playing but saving it for after. (Mostly) not breaking my $300 daily loss 'guideline'. Getting the VP wins when it mattered. Getting a big slot win or two to help me out. When those things don't happen, you are in trouble.

And that's how you do it, the Royal Flusher Way.


    1. Enjoyed every word Flusher. Maybe you should publish. :)

    2. Ahhh, Flusher, the way you tell it I can almost smell Vegas. Thanx for taking me along for the trip. And I can hear those Aces still callin' "Flusher...Flusher...Where are you?"

    3. Loved the report as well as all the previous ones. Has kept me very entertained and excited for my trip in July. Any plans yet for the next trip?

    4. Great TR , RoyalFlusher thanks for sharing

    5. I want a card too!

      Thanks for the amazing report!!!

    6. RF,
      Why oh why do you do the Main Street Station Buffet when the delicious Moco Loco beckons from just next door?

      Have you stayed at the MSS? It's great if you like a really clean belly button.

    7. Stu, I promise - PROMISE - that Fremont Loco Moco will happen on the next trip.

      I stand on my head in the MSS showers to get the top half clean.

      Actually, now that I visualize that, it's kind of a nightmare scenario for showering. Shudder.

    8. excellent report!!

    9. Don't do it for me RF. Do it for yourself.

    10. Worth the read. I absolutely love your humor!!

    11. LaRae, thanks for all your supportive comments.

      Now, where do you weigh in on the Loco Moco question, the California, or the Fremont? It's pretty important.

    12. I never had it at the Cal although I've heard a lot of good things about their Island Delights. I have it at the Fremont at least once per trip though. And speaking of the Fremont, their steakhouse is divine (2nd Street Grill is the name I think) and it's just shocking that a place of that caliber and ambiance can be attached to that casino. Their T-bone special is just a wonderful value.

    13. Practicing never helped me to win more often. It just makes you more confident so that you will play longer, thus lose more money. Practicing seems to be just an easy way to get you to THINK ABOUT GAMBLING more. Kind of a twisted way to mess with your mind, so you get addicted even when your not actually gambling.


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