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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Royal Flusher Twitter Facebook Blaster Fracker

The Royal has entered the new millenium.

I did have a Facebook account back in 2009 but I am starting to get the feeling that this thing might just take off in a couple of years, so I'm going to start doing some more facing on it.

And more big news, I also have a Twit account so I can toot or twat or whatever it is you do with that. And apparently it's hooked into my Faceblast account.

So now, you can keep up with Royal Flusher in the following ways:



I'm really excited about this new technology and what it can mean in terms of exposing my debauchery, Vegas humiliations and gambling failures for your the purposes of your reading entertainment.

I've also signed up for some additional cutting edge accounts the web and on my various handheld devices which include eHork, iSoar, Yabbo, hooHa, ManDroid, IOSRGBWTF, vidCrapCap, innaGaddaDaVida, WebLinkHookMashup, MyYoursOursHisHersPlaceSpaceFace and Bizzbuzzword.

So watch for me on all of those places!

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