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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vegan Prime Rib, Anyone?

Tuesday continued...

Boy, free play and cash back kept me rolling all day. I had a decent number of quads, but no super premium ones on Double Double.

I headed back to the Four Queens bar to try a bit more DDB, have a few cocktails, and catch the first period of the Philly/New Jersey game. I'm cheering for Philly in honour of the Mikes at the bar.

Since I didn't have any free meat to eat, I thought I'd hit the buffet at Fremont. I was kind of craving something that wasn't made of heavy, lead-like beef meat.

The stupid buffet was Crab Legs and Seafood night for $20 and it wasn't something I was into.

The last part of the day, I'd just been kind of surfing along on the last of the freeplay money, winning a bit here, putting it back in there. But I was pretty much out at this point. I pulled a lone $20 from my wallet and gave Bonus Deluxe a try, which pays $100 for any quad.

Second hand out, I hit four Kings - the largest single win of the day, and trip, so far.

Job done, there, I headed back to the Four Queens, to Magnolia's to eat something good for me.

I ordered the buttered carrots, special garden salad, ranch on the side, and hot baked potato with double sour cream.

It also came with a slab of prime rib of beef. Should be good for my constitution, right? More damn beef!

I dumped $40 at an absolutely horrendous craps session - I'd had zero profit at any blackjack or craps so far. Ugh. Hit a couple of minor quads on Jacks or Better and ramped up a profit of $100, and true to the day, dumped it all back at Double Double bonus, trying to hit a home run.

It really was a fine day in Vegas and I gambled, ate and drank all day for the low, low price of $20 out of my actual stake - the freeplay letting me coast. But the freeplay was pretty much all gone. I did have $10 at least at the El Cortez though, and some at MGM properties, courtesy of the MILF card... Hmmm.

Also, tomorrow was the first of two days of the slot tournament I was entered in at the Four Queens. Who knows what might happen there?

I do know they will make us line up for an hour or so to get upstairs to the crappy room where they will give us a continental breakfast of donuts, bagels and cans of Coke. And I'll get some sort of gift or prize for participating.

I'm just hoping it is something small, light, and cool, like a digital something, or a GPS deally or maybe a camphone recorder doodad. Because there is sweet fuck-all room in my luggage - I learned that the hard way.


    1. Hey R're crackin me up. I'm Johnnyo. We've never met....I've only yak'd w/ Skip in the past. You're hangin in my haunts when I git thar. I always stay @ 4 Queens & wander all over like you're doin. I sorta keep to the 10/7 DB @ 4 Queens & MSS. Do the pancakes @ Du-Pars...dey pretty good. I couldn't finish 2 of em (w/ a couple eggs). If'n yas git hungry for pizza down thar...just east of the D...on the other side of the street issa sm joint. Not cheap....but real tasty pizza. I look forward to your next post. I'm kinda feelin like I'm thar w/ yas. Later

    2. Want a meal that will keep you going for 24 hours Flusher? Try the Loco Moco at the Fremont Cafe. Make sure you include the onions. And get that royal already!

    3. You know, loco moco is on my 'to do' list...



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