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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Luck of the Larry

Mrs. Flusher is sending me high resolution 640x480 by 16 color pictures, somewhat live from Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, via the MrsFlusherFone, which I bought from TracFone for $20.

I got kind of a weird picture today, considering thus far, all the pictures have been of quads, dealt royal flushes (!), or pictures of Mrs. Flusher 'sexting' with her internet boyfriends. At least, I think that's what's happening, the steamed up bathroom mirrors in these ones leave a lot to the imagination.

The picture I got was really odd, though, for a Vegas trip. It's a picture of a hand drawn image on a piece of paper, of Larry.

We don't know who Larry is. But Larry seems to be carrying a clipboard. So Larry is important. And Larry seems to have a star on his lapel. So Larry excels in... clipboard carrying?

Work on the size 7 grommet line is just... that. Grommet paste goes in, grommet releaser fluid goes on periodically, and size 7 grommets come out. We lubricate the equipment from time to time (something I recommend to any married man, or any man in a serious relationship for that matter), and check the grommet quality periodically, and move the finished products into wheeled bins.

Kenny Blankenship is much happier today. Not only is his 'boil' healing - it actually was a huge zit - but his balance problems have pretty much disappeared. Ever since Kenny lost an earlobe last summer, he's suffered from vertigo. With the bad fall he took yesterday, losing the tip of the other earlobe seems to have put him into some kind of homo pathic balance.

His chronic neck ache is gone too, so Kenny is a happy guy.

Here I am with 3 long days in the plant to go, while Mrs. Flusher plays whoopee in Vegas with a bunch of quad producing Video Poker gambling machines... I am feeling edgy and ripe for Vegas, I can tell you.

The Quad Queen was scheduled to do battle in Day 1 of her VP tournament... she did some warming up at the Fremont. Apparently, out of the blue, some rather odd looking fellow walked up to her and gave her a piece of paper.

On the paper was a drawing that can only mean one thing.

Yes, it's either the Ancient Curse of Larry the Tomb-Dwelling Star Man of the Ancient Pyramid of Clipboard Carrying Accountants, or the Lucky Larry Lithograph.

Okay, so that's two things it could be. And in the interest of brevity, I'm going with the L.L.L.

The guy, apparently, was harmless - at least he looked that way - and she didn't feel concerned. He simply handed off the drawing and went away.

Meanwhile... the Quad Queen was living up to her name, banging out the 4x4s, felling the 4OAKs, wanking the winner hands... I talked to her mid afternoon and she was up maybe $100.

It's hard to tell from the number of quads how she is actually doing, because even though in a stretch of playing I might get 4 in an hour, she plays fast. Really fast.

So the report on the VP tournament is... she did crap on day 1. No quads. You have to hit a shitload of quads or a Royal on these things to get the big money.

I'm now thinking maybe its Ancient Curse of Larry the Tomb Dwelling Star Man of the Ancient Pyramid of Clipboard Carrying Accountants.

Later in the day my email filled up with a bunch more quads as Mrs. F did a number on the buttons at Main Street Station.

 This one is a real beauty, Aces for $200...

 Fours with kicker on Double Double Bonus, $200...

 Quad 4s dealt....

Yes, its like this all the time, you should try sitting next to her and getting fuck all. That's my life in Vegas... she's really something when it comes to Video Poker.

Tomorrow is Day 2 of the VP tournament, and hump day for me at the plant!

UPDATE: Mrs. Flusher reports that she is down a couple of hundred today but has 'played her ass off'.

She's eating a club sandwich at the coffee shop in the Cal.


    1. Is Mrs F playing mostly (or entirely?) at Main Street Station? If so, what kind of scratch cards is she getting-- $2 mostly? Anything higher than $3?

    2. thanks for posting all these winning pictures each day, it is the only way I see these kind of hands, since they never happen for me, unfortunately.

    3. I luv club samwichs......I never git em @ home

    4. Anonymous, I haven't got a rundown on the scratchcards, but I believe they have all been $2 so far. Over the last year or so, we've seen that almost all of them are $2 with the odd $3 and the very rare $5 thrown in. Of course, Stanley Whazzizfujikame won $5000...

    5. Stanley Fujataki? The Golden Arm? Really? It's probably due to his Moco Loco intake.

      1. You know, I must have had his name in mind there... the winner I was thinking of is named Frank.


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