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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hot, Dry and Deadly

The grass is burned and brown, and trees are losing their leaves - in July. It's like everything that was good is turned around upside down. We had a beautiful and early spring, and now things are desolate.

We're on a well, which is sucking wind these days. My armpits smell like the bingo seats at the Plaza. (Probably.)

Some of my fine readers were kind enough to remind me that 'hey, I read your shit, now where is the funny stuff? Why are you leaving us hanging?' And rightly so!

Sadly, I've had my hands full with a family emergency.

Ma Flusher (not to be confused with Mrs. Flusher), bless her 85 year old heart, arrived in Flusherville for a visit, but was not in fine fettle at all. A couple of weeks of nursing ensued and a visit to Emergency. And later, another visit to Emergency. The lastest is that she has been in hospital 11 days and had emergency surgery some 8 days ago.

I am happy to report that she is now recovering very well.

We even pulled some strings and got her a comped suite at F.G.H. (Flusherville General Hospital).
The other day I showed her some pictures of Royals and dealt quads on my Nook Color. This really cheered her up.
Anyway, I haven't felt very goddamned funny lately. But you loyal readers deserve a break, so I may just have a treat for you in the coming days.
You'll like it.
Trust me.
Oh - and guess what, Mrs. Flusher is heading to Las Vegas in a week with the Motherflusher (mother-in-law), so there will be updates of that.

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