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Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympic Epilogue

It was the next day. Trip over. On the red-eye flight home, I’d hardly slept a wink, wondering and scheming and fuming. I hauled the luggage to the front door, unlocked the house and stumbled, exhausted, straight to the phone.

I called the ElCo slot club.

“Hi, I’m Royal Flusher… did I win $250 in the slot tournament?”

“Let me check…”

I waited.

“Yup, you won second prize. Congratulations. Just come in and pick up your money before the day is out.”

I explained the situation. I was in Canada. Thousands of miles away. Could he mail it? Could I fax in my ticket? Could someone else pick it up?

“You have to be here, in person, to win. Sorry, sounds like yer done.”

“No way. I’m not done. I’m not done with you yet. I know I can crack that slot tournament. I want my money – I’m not done with the El Cortez!’

The slot club boothling replied, “Take it easy.”

The Final Final Score

Quads: QQ: 62 RF: 34
Straights Flush: QQ: 1 RF: 5 (including one on Deuces for a measly 45 quarters)
Royals Flush: QQ: 1 RF: 1
Wild Royals Flush: QQ: 4 RF: 13 RF’s
Four Deuces hands on Deuces Wild:  0

Overall Gambling Win/Loss on Trip
QQ:     $ -12.00
RF: $ -1,146.00

Comps and Freebies:
FQ Meals $ 60.00
MSS Meat Coupons $ 50.00
 Jewelled Rats $  0.02
MGM Freeplay $ 15.00
Fitz Freeplay $ 40.00
MSS cashback $ 44.00
Meals at MSS $ 76.00 FQ
 Freeplay $ 80.00
Steak dinner $  9.00
MSS Meals $ 25.00
Wynn freeplay $100.00
Wynn Room $120.00
Room comps $560.00
Fitz Steak Coupons $  45.00
FQ Cashback $165.00

TOTAL COMPS: $1389.02

Once again, the Quad Queen demonstrated why she earned that name, out-quading me almost 2 to 1. I rationalize this by the fact that I played a lot more Deuces Wild than she did (which yields fewer quads) in search of the Triumphant Four Deuces hand.

In spite of my Royal Flush and Poker Tournament wins, I had pretty poor results, compared to QQ who also had a Royal. Room comps are valued conservatively, based on $50 a night. The room at Wynn would have sold for easily three or four times this, but our cheap asses would never pay that much. Overall, our comps and freebies more than offset our combined losses, making this, on paper, a winning trip.

Sadly, our wonderful Labradane Duke relapsed a few months after this trip. On a beautiful, horrible, sunny morning in August we bade him farewell.

No trip report has come from him, but then again, dogs don’t write very well. And actually, sometimes under the full moon I feel that he is not very far from my side at all. He is certainly in our hearts always.

There are, sadly, some games in which the house edge can never, ever be overcome. But they are still worth playing.

Goodbye to my beautiful golden-eyed boy.


    1. Great Olympiad. Actually much more enjoyable than watching the interminable volleyball competition from London.

      Sorry about Duke. He looks like a good dog.

    2. My condelences on the loss of hearts aches for you and the QQ.

    3. Ruff deal on Duke. But he's now in the Land of Nothing But Slant-tops, Full-pay Deuces and gravy-soaked meat, happily remembering as he plays the boss life he had in Flusherville. And thanx for taking us along on your Olympiad. If you still have them, pls post a pic of your medal array.

    4. Losing a family member like Duke is hard, really sorry for you guys.



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