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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vegas Live Update - the Penny Drops

I have a way with women. I know just what to say to make them feel at ease.

For example, Chippy and I were just at the Flusherville Solo grocery store (we're one of the last towns on the planet that has one). I was minding my own business, about to set about getting some much needed groceries.

I parked the beat up Tercel. Went into the Solo store - and I realized I forgot my re-usable bags which were on the passenger seat. It was a good thing I did, because Chippy, who had been in the back, had her head caught between the bucket seats trying to get at a piece of candy cane on the floor in the front.

A fairly attractive middle aged woman about to get into the car next to mine scooped something off the parking lot asphalt. I liked what I saw - after all, she was female. I don't care much for looks - I'm an equal opportunity offender.

"Get anything good?" I asked, smoothly.

"A dime!" she replied, standing up and brushing her hair back over one ear. She had a nice ear.

"Nice - a dime, eh?" I replied, smoothly.

"I bend over for pennies," she said, a little embarrassed. Nice looking, frugal woman.

"Okay. Here's a penny," I replied, and lifted one eyebrow at her.


When I regained consciousness, I picked up the bags, and did the grocery shopping. I'm on my own with Chippy while Mrs. Flusher tears up Vegas with the MotherFlusher.

And they are having a blast, of course. The M.F. got Aces on Bonus Poker, twice, in about 15 minutes. One of them was dealt. Good for her, I hope she gets her first ever royal this trip.

When I got home, I checked my FlusherMail and there were some nice hits in there from the Quad Queen.

Here's a sampling.

M.F.'s Aces:

Too bad she wasn't playing Double Double - both had the kicker...

Quad Queen Quads:

Quad Queen - dealt Queens. On 50cent too.

$125 hit. How did she lose $220 yesterday??????
Ahhh now we are getting somewhere! $200 hit.

Triple Bonus Plus with the weird 600 credit payout. I'll take it!
This just in... must be one of the Four Queens Bars. Grrrr. I really should be there.

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