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Monday, August 20, 2012

Who wants to hire a Manny?

A savvy gambler like me knows how to hedge bets, cut their losses, take flyers, and keep profits.

That's why, in case things don't go too well at North American Veeblefetzer this year, I have an Ace up my hole.

If things go south on the size 7 grommet line, the Ace in my hole is this: my own business.

And this is, I'm telling you, the business of the future. Because everyone wants - and everyone needs - a Manny.

Yes, I am going to open a full-service establishment that provides top-quality high school trained Mannys.

So what is a Manny? Well, a Manny is a male Nanny. Someone to look after and pamper you, the way you deserve to be can afford to be pampered.

What can a Manny do for you?

Well, a Manny will wax your car, strip wallpaper, stay online with Bell Canada to get rebates, and make you dinner. For example, take-out Thai food you eat at home.

A Manny can cook your favorite foods. Even if you have a salt craving.
A top quality Manny will feed your creatures. A Manny will even pick up their poop, and look suave while doing it.

I'm telling you, like 4-11-44, this time, it just can't lose.

I'm working on a Manny franchise model too, in case you want in on the ground floor. (Call me!)

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