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Friday, October 26, 2012

Morning After The Night Before (aka Asskicking)

When you aren't getting good play at VP and when you aren't winning, its tempting to chase.

I woke up Wednesday morning and felt ill. Partly it was because of the portable bar I'd picked up at Shifty Dick's Discount Liquors. And partly it was knowing I'd gotten my ass kicked.

I can't tell you how many 20s I fed into Super Double Triple Super Fucker Bonus (with the big quads with kickers) and got nothing.

On more than one occasion I blew through a hundy at it, looking to get that 'saviour' hand.

And none came.

Got my stuff together and headed down. I had no stomach for anything high volatility. I just needed to get my legs under me again. So I played horrible, horrible 6/5 quarter Bonus.

Unbelievable, I broke the quad drought of almost 48 hours with four Queens - on the redeal. A very unusual happening. I'll take it.

Extremely rare, savvy quad on the redeal.
Played that down, and later after reloading a few times, got another quad, queens again.


Net was still a loss though.
Headed to the coffee shop for a plate of eggs and hash browns with little sausages. Sourdough toast. Coffee, yes lots of coffee. Strawberry jam. It was quite good.

Bought a $10 Keno ticket and played the numbers down the left hand side - because those were the only ones I could see from my table on the distant keno board.

After eating, I tried one last shot at Super Double Triple Super Fucker Bonus. 20, 40, 60...

Tried the killer 50 cent Bonus Poker for 'one last twenty'. Usually there is some sort of fiscal redemption for the last minute gambler. But no.

Headed to the slot club and talked to a very nice host, Wendy.

Wendy says to send all my gambling friends to her and she will take care of them (with the usual caveats around levels of play, naturally).

Wendy worked on my account and got me sorted to the point where my total stay was about $60. That's for two nights in a pretty nice room, which I really enjoyed, resort fees including access to The Internet (whatever that is), two buffets, and two coffee shop meals.

She even threw in a comp to Kahunaville, good for sometime in the next couple of days.

I feel like I have now got established at T.I., which was a goal, and I expect I will see some offers. My coin in was $7,770 or so, and my coin out on slots was an ugly $997 less than that. They had my table play rated almost exactly what it should be. It was uncanny how realistic it was - unusual.

Got my stuff and walked by the 50 cent BP that did me so nasty. I looked at it like it was a hungry lion, waiting to devour me. Or at least, my cash.

I had the stomach only to try a last forlorn 20. And of course it simply disappeared.

Tail between my legs, I dragged my sorry swollen ass out of there. I think I heard the machine let out a soft sweet belch in statisfaction as I limped, bowlegged, away from T.I. Valet brought the Ford Urbancan around and I high-tailed it for mother, or specifically, The Cal.

I didn't even glance back in the rearview as I left T.I. This was supposed to be redemption? Rebooting my heart, filling it with joy?...

Even if the offers came, would I ever want to set foot in the place of my gambling demise, ever again???

Even with the scent of a million coconuts, would I ever???

    1 comment:

    1. Wish you were playing dollar super double bonus with it's 600 payout for any J-Q-K, the 9-5 FP payout, 99.6ish % I believe, is offered in two of the machines just above the craps pit at the Cal, .25 to dollars, fun to hit for $600 on just quads if you're chasing and up to dollars and lookin for any old 4 faces. As a plus u can watch the hootin' hawaiians, otherwise known as Cal craps players.


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