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Sunday, October 28, 2012

One of Those Days with Victor Mature

Feeling pretty chuffed after blowing them out at the craps table, my biggest win ever by like triple, I'm struttin' around like I've got a 10 inch oxtail.

Had lunch at the coffee shop, trying another Hawaiian specialty - Kahlua Pig (which is slow cooked pig and cabbage). It comes, naturally, with macaroni salad. What else?

The somewhat bland Kahlua Pig.

Checking the VP tournament results after round 1, I find I am solidly in the top 30 out of 366 entrants. Pretty savvy play, even if I did miss 7 hands (DUMBASS).

Playing some VP I get yet another set of dealt Queens. Have you been keeping count of how many times this has happened so far?

I do a quick $20 in the coin dropper 9/6 Jacks by the hand-job lucky Buddha and ramp up quickly to $60, and out.

I take the $60 and try the Blazing Ass Sevens machine that the family was camped out on. I think they applied to Bally's Mfg. for Slot Refugee Status.

Anyway, I gave it a go and this happened.

Savvy $200 hit on Blazing Ass Sevens.

I had a couple to cool off and head to the Boars Head at MSS where I was to meet up, hopefully, with a friend who I'll call 'VPSue' (not her real name, exactly).

She texted me "what are you wearing".

I replied "blue shirt     pants".

Pants are always a good thing.

Well we had a great time, having some drinks, and a cigar, and playing some video poker. She hit the Aces on dollars (no kicker, sadly) and I did okay too. For one thing, I hit a straight flush.

"So, what did you think I looked like, before you met me?" I asked.

"I thought you looked like Victor Mature."

I was pretty impressed - I actually do look exactly like Victor Mature. At least, you can imagine me looking like that as you read the blog - VPSue no longer has that option, but you do.

Ignore the lettering, that's Royal Flusher.
After hanging out at the bar and yakking for a couple of hours, VPSue asked me if I'd eaten. I hadn't and was quite hungry.

"I haven't and I'm quite hungry," I said. "I have a meal book from the Aloha people but its only good for one. Maybe we could split an order of Kahlua Pig and cabbage..."

VPSue had something better -a piece of paper which makes any staff member at Boyd give her whatever she wants (including decent wine that doesn't come out of a tetrapak.)

So, VPSue used her magic pass to obtain a lovely dinner for both of us. There were crabcakes and lobster wontons and a rib steak for me and lobster for her. Dessert was not going to cram its way in after all the good food we ate.

We decided to try one of the Cal bars (I've never played at one!) and we found some 'acceptable' 9/5 DDB with a progressive on the Royal.

And didn't I continue to keep winning!

Threes with the kicker for $200.
The 'one minute later' quad.
It really was a good thing I had pants on today, because they ended up full of cash.

I'd pretty much healed the ass-reaming at TI and, well, let's look at the 'holy shit!' numbers.

VP: day +220 trip -730
BJ: day 0 trip +280
Craps: +475 day +475 trip

Overall: day +695 trip +25.

Yup, that's plus $25 for the trip. (Unless Math Guy can find some mistakes in my calcs, which is extremely likely.


    1. woooo hoooo....GREAT comeback!!!

    2. You know those video poker machines are gold mines for the casino.

    3. Is VPSue a friend with benefits?


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