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Sunday, October 21, 2012

One order of hope and reclamation, side of redemption

Royal Flusher Song of the Day -Enzo Diaz - Quien Como Tu (Long Train Running)

The CD the limo driver gave me asks the musical question:

Without love... where would you be now?

The answer, of course, is eating country fried steak and eggs in the Four Queens (complete with country throw-up gravy).

It was really cool to get that CD, I love to find music that enlivens my spirit, no matter what its origin. And I really love latin sounds. Even old school - Tito Puente and Perez Prado have space on my iPod right beside Santana. Ricky Martin can suck slot handles though. Anyway, the CD identified the artist for what I heard in the limo, and its now part of my Vegas playlist.

First full day in Vegas, and it always takes me a while to get my sea-legs.

Earplugs were a must last night - the Four Queens now provides them, but I come well supplied with better, softer plugs 'freed' from the size 77 Euro-grommet line. I had all these awful dreams about doing things wrong and I was going to be fired from the line. It went on and on. Maybe you have to process stuff in order to move forward. Hopefully, I've processed - who the hell needs work dreams when you are on vacation???

Anyway. Got up at 7 or so after 5 1/2 hours of sleep. I started out pretty slowly - I actually did use $20 free play last night, so no freebee there - and blew the rest of the freeplay away in a Double Double Diamond slot. My favorite one of all time, on which I won a sizable sum last trip, has been converted to $25 denomination.

Played that through with nothing eventful, and then dumped $100 on dollar Jacks. Nothing eventful.

Decided to stretch my gams a bit and strolled over to Fremont for a hit and run where I netted a few bucks on Pick'em and repeated the performance at the Smugget. Just kind of feeling things out, trying to get my motor running.

Had a happy reunion with The Mikes at the Four Queen's Bar (which I am petitioning to rename the Mike's Bar) and enjoyed a couple of amber lagers and the company of a couple of Mikes. (Shout-out - Go Philly!).

I did manage to hit one quad, which kept me playing for a while, but eventually, I ended up down $60. Checked out Binions for the free pull, did the fake $20 worth of slot play - useless - and lost $20 at Double Double. I did get enough points for a spin of the prize wheel - won 2 for 1 entrees at the Cafe. Woot.

Maybe I will pig out on two cheeseburgers for the price of one.

What to do... what to do... it's nice to be whimsical and just do whatever the hell you want with no-one to answer to. Tried some Boner Deluxe, nada.

Was getting hungry so I went up to the Chicago Brewing thingy, played Double Double, and ordered a pizza to go.

Had an Absolut on the rocks and the server says to the guy next to me,"You ready for another?"

What followed was the weirdest TMI answer ever.

"Well, I'm thinking about it... I've got a lot of stuff stuck in my teeth that I need to take care of, but half time is coming up soon... Hmmm... yeah, I'll have another."

Even if I lose all my money today, I am rich by being party to a detailed deep dive into this guy's thinking process and careful evaluation of all the factors around the stuff stuck between his rotting horse teeth.

Lost $20 there as well. And almost my appetite.

But the pizza prevailed and it was good.
You might have noticed I mention Bruce Springsteen... it so happens that Friday night I was in attendance at his musical performance in Ottawa. It does some of the same things I hope Vegas will do. And perhaps Bruce says it best himself:

"For an adult, the world is constantly trying to clamp down on itself. Routine, responsibility, decay of institutions, corruption: this is all the world closing in. Music, when it’s really great, pries that shit back open and lets people back in, it lets light in, and air in, and energy in, and sends people home with that and sends me back to the hotel with it. People carry that with them sometimes for a very long period of time."

Can you sell hope, reclamation and redemption? I want to put an order in.

Meanwhile.... I'm preparing for a Vegas birthday party on the strip tonight!!!! I feel all tingly excited already!

Or maybe a hot pepper flake from the pizza got up my nose.

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    1. Don't forget to check out the newly remodeled The D. They are doing a great job. Check out the new outside Esculator to the Vue Bar & 2nd floor. Also the Horse Race game on the 2nd floor is cool, too.


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