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Monday, October 22, 2012

Remedies 4-11-44 and 7-11 - Craps Strategy

The Royal Flusher Vegas Re-Run Song of the Day is: 4-11-44 by The Blasters

Say 4-11-44
4-11-44 when baby needs a new pair of shoes.
Say 4-11-44 - can't you feel it in your bones?
This time it just can't lose!

As mentioned in A Poor Man's Remedy, 4, 11 and 44 are historically significant choices in the numbers racket. I decided to revisit this theme today... more later.

But first, a discussion about my all new craps strategy. I recently came across the book The Dice Doctor by Sam Grafstein.

It's a pretty interesting read, and if I get any success out of Sam's... sorry Doctor Sam's techniques, it'll be worth the money.

There's a lot of bluster, bravado, vernacular, slang, and self-serving writing in this book. But hell, there's a lot of bluster, bravado, vernacular, slang, and self-serving writing in my blog, so I felt right at home. But amongst the nuggets are some interesting and usable strategies and I'm adapting one of 'em for this trip.

First, I have a bucket of dough for craps $500. (Well, $450 after last night).

Second, I want a good way of pressing up bets so I can make an unprecedented big score.

Here's the approach.

Start with a small bet. Take only single or double odds. Make no place or come bets.

When a bet wins, press the base bet by about 50%. Keep enough of the win to fund the odds, should a point number be rolled. The rest goes into savings and isn't touched in the session again.

If a 7 or 11 rolls, press it, and press it again, then take the profit. If a point number is rolled while pressing, don't take any odds. (This little nugget is a missing piece for me - I've often wanted to press after a 7 or 11 roll but didn't want to expose all those odds.)

On a seven out, you go back to the start again.

You budget enough for 10 shooters in a session, or something like $110 on a $5 table with single odds. If and when someone makes a number of passes, you press up and make money.

We'll see.

So today I woke up with a sore head, imagine, and headed down to Starbucks, almost bumping into Robert De Niro on the way. If he'd been there, I would have bumped into him, that is. He, along with Morgan Freeman and Michael Douglas are filming Last Vegas, right here on Fremont St.

Grabbed my coffee and a blueberry muffin the size of a softball, ate, and then played. And played some more.

Played over 1000 hands of VP and hit no quads, so the budget is hurting already.

But the exciting news is, I actually hit all the numbers on a keno ticket. I'd bought two of 'em, 25 games, dollar a game, and 4, 11, 44 actually came in. All told I bet $50 and got back $49. This is a win, to me, when it comes to the numbers game.

Lunch was the spicy chicken club with 2 pieces of somewhat dodgy bacon on. Not bad.

Picked up a rental car, and I'm now ready to get on with the rest of this day and hopefully get some motherlovin' quads.
This time it just can't lose!

 And having hit 3 of 3, I'm now $25 in to hitting 4 of 4. Keno, with a house edge of only 25%, the sky's the limit!!!!

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