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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The perfect gambling strategy: part 2

I had another pull on my beer and finished it. It was warm, for September, humid even. It really called for another beer.

"Chippy, go get papa a beer!"

Chippy looked at me.

"Beer Chippy! Get papa a beer! Bring it. Bring it in your mouth, good girl!!!"

Chippy licked her arse.

"I'll get my own beer Chippy!"

And so I did.

And I looked at the horizon and at some of the trees and shit and noticed that some of the leaves on the trees were already turning. Fall was coming. I needed a better gambling strategy.

Royal Flusher Perfect Gambling Strategy #2

This strategy is a $400 stop loss VP budget. Basically, the idea is that you don't necessarily have a set amount to gamble each day, but in any one day, if you've lost $400, you have to quit for the day. So you could view it as a $400 a day budget, if you think you are going to lose each and every day.

Pros: This still eliminates the 'tilt' days where I lose $600 or $700 in one day. (Savvy readers might recall that I had a $300 stop loss budget on those tilt days. So why will this work better? Because I have gambling discipline now. That's why.)

This level of stop-loss gives, based on my many years of degenerate Vegas experience, a good chance at riding out losing variance at the quarter level of Video Poker play. Historically, this is a good budget to be able to, on most occasions, play all fucking day long on those hot VP machines.

Cons: Due to circumstances beyond my control (but in the control of that pig of an employer North American Veeblefetzer) I don't actually have enough budget for $400 a day for the length of the trip.

If things go into the shitter with roostertails of flying sparks, like they are wont to do in my experience, I could run out of money only 5 days out. That would suck showgirl armpits.

(Perhaps that is not a strong enough simile. I think there are websites out there about the above activity. I know what you are thinking. Mostly, ewww. Two or three of you, 'perk!'.)

If I want to have a decent BJ fund and a decent craps fund (say $1000 total), 5 days blowout at $400 a day would kill my budget.

I took another long haul on that long-necked bottle of beer and put my pen back to paper.

I needed an even more perfect gambling strategy. 

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