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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The perfect gambling strategy: part 3

I worked through the numbers again and refined my beer induced gambling strategy even further...

Royal Flusher Perfect Gambling Strategy #3

Suppose I kept everything similar to Royal Flusher Perfect Gambling Strategy #2 but put the daily loss anti-tilt limit at $300 a day, which is similar to what we've been doing for the past couple of years.

This way, I'd have enough guaranteed VP budget for 7 days. I'd have enough for a number of $110 craps sessions (more on this later) but... what about blackjack?

One of my goals (or should I say two of my goals?) is to take off a decent score at blackjack and craps. I usually futz around, flat-betting, and if I double my stake, I run like a virgin on Devil's Island. I need to learn how to press fearlessly, and at least once, take off a $500 to $1000 score. And I have some ideas how to do that... like I said, more on this in a later post.

P.F.P.G.S #3 bit the dust just as I finished another brew.

Chippy and I ambled into the house and I grabbed another cold, brown friend, and a dog cookie for Chippy. I loved the addled look on her face when she drops a cookie between the deck boards. What a sweet girl, she just can't figure it out.

This time, she chomped away without a gravity mishap and I took a long pull on my beer and pondered.

I pondered and pondered and then I pondered some more. I pondered until my ponderer was sore.

After all this beer, Chippy sort of looked to me like she had a wooden antler tied to her head... but it must have been some sort of barley-fueled hallucination...

I scratched out P.F.P.G.Ss numbers 1 through 3 and came up with:

Royal Flusher Perfect Gambling Strategy #4

I could do $250 a day stop loss on VP, and have enough for a number of $100 blackjack and $110 craps sessions.

This would really limit my VP budget if I had bad luck. And it could affect future comps too, if i couldn't play enough. Plus I LIKE to play. Hell, I'd rather play than, well, many other things.

This is when I really gave my head a shake.

Dude. (I said to myself).


"It's gambling."


Chippy tipped back her (approx.) 10 pound Dane noggin and almost fell back over her 8 pound Chihuahua body howling along with me.



Royal Flusher Perfect Gambling Strategy #5

I knew what I needed to do. My overall budget wasn't what I wanted it to be, in order to be CERTAIN I would not run out of funds and end up in my room with a bottle of Plonknyett 'vodka' and a 20 game Keno ticket as my day's entertainment.

Here's what I've got.

My blackjack budget is going to be $500. And it's not tied to any per-day amount of action. I will do $100 buy-ins at $5 tables - and I'll keep the winnings and losing against the blackjack budget. So the overall BJ nest-egg will go up and down (but hopefully up) in value and when its gone, no more BJ.

Similar for craps, except my budget will be $750. This gives me a number of $110 sessions in which I will employ my new-found 'press the fuck out of it' strategy and try to take down a big score.

And for VP, my budget is going to be $300 stop loss per day. And I have enough for about 5 and a half days, a little more than half the trip.

I am going to gamble... if you will that I will not lose $300 on VP every day for 5 days in a row, and will even have some winning days... and I can roll those back into the budget.

Basically its $1750 total for VP, with a max loss of $300 on each day. I also have some separate dough to gamble for Mrs. Flusher. That will help keep me busy too.

But this is the first time I've ever planned a trip not fully funded for the worst case scenario, and relied on my gambling know-how, skill, and dumb luck.

I think this is pretty goddamned savvy, don't you?

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    1. Sounds like a very savvy plan Mr. F. But when are you going? Will our paths ever cross? Will I ever find a Flusher business card? Will Romney and Obama declare they are closeted homosexual lovers? So when you going?


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