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Monday, November 5, 2012

How do you dress a Meatsicle on hallowe'en?

Well, I was down to it.

Last night. Hallowe'en night

Only down about $500 on the trip.

No Royal Flush. No Aces with Kicker.

I met up with the stumbling people from Blonde's board again and VPSue and I enjoyed another round of Boar's Head Bar, VP, drinks, service from Kelly, and fine cigars. How does it get any better?

The folks were heading off to the Plaza next, so I tagged along and a bunch of us commandeered our very own blackjack table. I started out cold, and then got hot, and by the time we left, after 45 minutes or so, I'd doubled my $100 buy-in. Another blackjack win.

This trip has been insane on the table games - I haven't checked but I think I had only one losing BJ session.

The stumblers headed off to see the Hallowe'en parade and I stumbled off to play some Treasure Chest, back at Main St.

I hit a quad and picked a chest - the usual, and the lowest, $35. The scratch card was the usual, and the lowest, $2.

The progressive on the bank of Double Double bonus machines was up there and I committed $100 to it. After some time I was dealt this nice little quad:

 I held the fours and I held my breath as I drew for the kicker - an Ace, 2 or 3 and I'd have a $200 hand...

Jack kicked me in the balls instead of a kicker.
It's cool in Vegas at Hallowe'en. People are dressed up.

Cocktail waitresses are dressed up...

...and some of them look amazing.

I swung back to the Cal and one of the CWs was dressed as a Hawaiian Marilyn Monroe. She looked stunning. She looked so good as Marilyn Monroe that I wanted to blow up her dress.

You know, like a vent. In that picture. The famous one.

Another of my favorite servers at the Cal had lovely blue hair for some reason, and another one looked extremely cute, dressed in whiskers and leopard print, as a cat.

I said "Hi" to the blue haired server and looked at her associate.

"Nice pussy," I said suavely. The savvy gambler is never at a loss for appropriate words.

"What are you dressed as," I said to the leopard printed feline.

"I'm a dog. And I bite."

"Mmmmm...." I said. I was quickly getting a new favorite animal waitress.

We chatted a bit and I managed to get things on a more businesslike keel.

"You aren't a dog, you're a cat. You have cat ears."

Really, it was a nice chat, and really, she gave me some candy. Genuine cocktail waitress Hallowe'en candy.
Another kindness extended to The Flusher.
I felt very warm inside, until I realized that, in 5 minutes, I'd blown through $30 while getting two Absoluts and trying to see if the kitty costume was 'sheer' or not.

Okay, change of plans. I'd buffet-surf the casino.

Put $5 into DDB. And this is the way it goes. I worked that up to $43.75 (no quads) and played 15 minutes of 800 hand an hour VP on it. Ended up at zero just the same, but that's gambling value right there!

I played various games, and I played various slots. The long and short of it was that I played about two hours and when my $260 was gone, so was I.

The last shot was $40 on $10 a hand VP. I got a full house on that, working up to $90 on the meter, but I was going for it. I wanted a big win to make this trip a winner. And it wasn't going to happen. And it didn't happen.

I still had one thing going for me though. Going back to the hot kitty-cat cocktail waitress??? She'd given me candy all right, but what she didn't know was.... I had a meatsicles for two waiting back in my in-room fridge.

Yeah, okay, so my last dinner in Vegas was cold, left-over Le Thai meatsicles. But you know what, they were good. And so was the green curry. Even cold.

The next morning, I had a few hours and then it was off to the plane for 11:45am. The trip was almost in the books. I called Presidential and reserved a limo for 9:00am.

By the numbers:

VP: day ($-260) trip ($-1630) <-- bad="bad" holy="holy" is="is" p="p" shit="shit" that="that">BJ: +100 trip +530
Craps: 0 +565

Total: trip ($-535)

If I didn't do something stupid tomorrow, a $535 loss wasn't too damn bad for 12 days in Vegas.

Well we'd just see, wouldn't we.

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