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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Offers Offers Offers!!!

Well, the next trip to Vegas is on my mind already. It doesn't help that everyone I know is buggering off there without me.

And, its been a full 3 weeks since I was in Vegas. And the offers are coming in.

Strangely absent so far is anything in the mail or email from T.I. - they are really active with their online marketing and I expected to get on their radar with my play from last trip. My host did say she would comp a night or two up front next visit, so maybe some goodies will show up...

My old haunt, the El Cortez, is back in my good books, after they jilted me earlier this year.. They've restored my typical 3 night offer, and Mrs. Flusher has the same.

- 3 nights anytime in the snazzy Banana Suites, the pedestrian and functional tower, the run-down and scary pavilion nestled in the parking garage, or the historic but unsecure original casino rooms on the 2nd floor.
- $25 free play
- $25 dining
- miniature Jack Daniels from the gift shop (to get your bender started right)
- turn on Jackie Gaughan's lap during his afternoon poker stint

Jackie is over 90 so that part of the offer should be used promptly.

The Four Queens is in the mix as usual, although the Quad Queen's free play has dropped. They are probably mad that she stayed at the Nugget this summer with her Mom, the Mother Flusher. We both have:

- 3 nights anytime
- $80 free play
- free hugs from Jay at the slot club booth

And Boyd (Cal/Main Street/Fremont) continues with great video poker tournaments and room offers. We each have 3 or 4 nights there anytime. The Quad Queens comes with $50 free play and mine comes with $40 in food.

Even the Golden Nugget is showing us some love, finally! Barely. With very restricted dates, they are offering 2 free nights and $100 in free play, or play-till-you-lose chips. Hopefully in the New Year the offers will continue.

Both the Four Queens and Boyd have video poker and slot tournaments that we regularly get invited to. I plan to go to as many of these as I possibly can until I win one of them. Anyway. the trick is to phone ahead and get the dates if we haven't received the mailers yet, so we can plan around these.

Excalibur is in there with 2 and 3 night offers including $100 free play, a coupon book, and reduced paytables on their double double bonus. So fuck that.

MGM is offering one free night. One. Stingy much MLIFE?

And finally, the best is saved for last... Wynn has thrown an offer of 3 free nights plus $300 free play at the Quad Queen, on the back of her stellar play last summer - an hour or two of 50 cent VP. They say that if we ask for a suite upgrade, its often available.

Man I love getting offers.

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