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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Put Your NiPads On

It's a new year. I look at it positively - this is a whole new set of chances to fuck up.

I'm writing this from something that is new and baffling to me. 

You see, on Christmas morning, I woke up and there were the following items in my stocking:

- a bottle of Jack
- a couple of candy canes
- a puzzle with a dog on it that resembles pretty closely our faithful and somewhat smart dog Chippy
- a tube of 'Maintain' - I'm not sure what Santa is thinking here
- a slab of 'high impact polystyrene' with a sort of shiny glass front that shows ever fingerprint you haphazardly put on it

This last item is my new tablet. I know you are all jealous - the Quad Queen got me a brand new refurb NiPad.

It's pretty sweet. You drag your fingers along it and things flash and move and shit. It's got a full 50 Mb of 'Random Axis Mammaries' whatever that means. Reminds me of some of the older women at bingo night at the legion.

This thing is a lot lighter than the diesel powered Video Poker WinSimulator 3000 featuring WinPoker (which also does email) that I've been carting to Vegas.

And it runs WinPoker. And does email too.

So this sleek little machine is going to be what I take to Vegas instead of carting around all that other equipment. It's going to be great... I hope.

Making typey-typey on the NiPad's touchscreen takes forever. So I bought an accessory - a wireless keyboard dealy that makes it a lot easier to type. It uses some kind of tooth protocol to talk to the NiPad.

Anyway, I thought I'd give it a whirl - this blog entry is being created on my new setup.

And so far, so good.

Now on to more exciting things...

Sent from my NiPad


    1. Much excitement! Can't wait to read more entries from your NiPad in the upcoming years :)
      By the way, who is the guest blogger you wrote about in your next post? (I'm just guessing here, as it is the next one I will be reading)

    2. I don't mean to be coy Jon but... wait and see!!! He's a perfect fit for the Royal Flusher Way. In other words, degenerate and savvy.

    3. Now I'm confused. Are you Coy, or are you Flusher? At least you told us your guest blogger is a He. That narrows it down to 50.24% of the population. You never said which language/s HE will post in, so I cannot narrow it any further than that.
      Have you considered opening your own North American Veeblefetzer, either in Flusherville, or perhaps just outside of Vegas? I hear there is big big money in those size 77 Euro metric grommets. And I bet you would look good with a porn-stache.


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