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Friday, February 22, 2013

All You Need is Love and $3.75

Reposted from the classic 2013 Victory Trip.

Feb 22, 2013 - I woke up after 5 or 6 hours of solid sleep and then remembered I was in Las Vegas! and then remembered what a dupe I was.

"You're such a dupe!" I said to myself. "Dupe, dupe, dupe!"

I got in contact with the Quad Queen - she was up, and gambling. Golly, what a surprise.

So, I did my Flusher Ablutions, tidied the suite, checked my bankroll for the day, slaughtered a couple of small mammals as a sacrifice, tidied the suite again, and headed out.

I found the Q'Queen pounding the 25 cent Bonus Poker uprights by the Keno Lounge ("Get your tickets in.... last call!") and sipping on a something and coke. I regaled her with tales of my dupe-icity the night before as I slipped $20 into the machine and set about playing.

First one hand, ($1.25), then another hand ($1.25), then a third hand.

Royal Flush at the Four Queens

Holy crap!!! Another Royal Flush! I was shocked, tickled, and immediately stopped feeling bad about the small mammals. They were really, really small ones.

Old. Sickly. I was probably doing them a merciful favor.

Anyway, in just three hands I'd netted $1000, recovered the losses from the day before, and added to my total trip winnings. Now THAT is totally the R.F.W.

I drew a line in the carpet and gave the Quad Queen a bit of the ole Royal Flusher Stink-eye.

"THAT....", I intoned seriously, " the Line of Death."

I then whipped a 12th century metal gauntlet out of my Royal Flusher Utility Man-Purse and threw it at her feet. It was two Royals for me, one for her. There's nothing like a challenge to spur on the Quad Queen.

We had breakfast at Magnolia's ('Heart Healthy' Country Fried Steak and Eggs with Country Throw-up Gravy' for me, Cobb Salad for the Queen) and then set about beating up the Four Queens some more on their Dollar 69 Jacks. And we did get some quads on there... I made money and I think the QQ dropped a little.

Four Queens Casino

Dollar Jacks or Better at the Four Queens

Four of a Kind Video Poker

Four Queens at the Four Queens

Quad Tens

Over at the Palace aka Mikes bar, the Aces w Kicker progressive was up to $800. Never seen it that high. We gave it a shot and I got one quad, but no fancy-ass progressive win. You always see these fat progressives and you think, well, we should try for that... seriously, you think you can knock those off just because you decide to try it?

Well, actually yes. Apparently we do. But we didn't.

We deked back to the Cal to check out, and get the rest of the luggage. We had some time for a quick play there and I felt I had unfinished business on those dollar machines from the night before.

Since my stupidity is unbridled, I went at it again even though they had eaten $450 of my Flusher Dollars just 12 hours previously.

Thank goodness, I did manage to get one quad (nines) but forgot a photo. No matter, there are plenty of quad photos on this blog, find one that is nines and gaze upon it for 6-7 seconds, and you'll get the same effect.

We bought a couple of Keno tickets at the Cal and I showered and stuff, and we got packed up and hauled ass out of there, back to the Four Queens, just in time for our slot tournament time for Day 2. They had a lovely breakfast/brunch feast laid out, but we'd already eaten. I did spend some time trying to figure out a way to ladle some Country Fried Throw-Up Gravy into my pockets from the Vat O'Throw-Up Gravy they had lovingly provided... but failed.

Country Throw-up Gravy #CTUG

Maybe I should have used some of the 'take-out' Throw-Up Gravy receptacles you see in the picture there. Dupe!!!!

I spent some time in the room blogging - what a waste of time while in Vegas! - DUPE!!!!! - and sadly the Aces progressive had been won, and not by us.

The QQ played some dollar jacks and did this and that and a quad.

I had been feeling the urge to go to the El Cortez all day. We had a little Free Play there and I had wanted to use it while my luck was bad. My luck wasn't that bad anymore, having gotten a Royal, but I still wanted to use it.

By the way, the fleece Jackie Gaughan Signature Jacket that I'd won as part of a jackpot promotion - I'd given to the Quad Queen. It's fleecy, warm, and pretty good. Well, when she got her Royal at the Cal, she got a voucher for a t-shirt. My Royal didn't trigger a hand pay so no t-shirt for me. She gave me her t-shirt, which was a really nice gesture. Clothing exchange is a vital part of any successful gambling enterprise.

Okay, where was I? Off to the El Cortez! 50 cent Bonus at the bar there. I had $30 in Free Play, and the Quad Queen about the same. I played for a long time on mine but never hit anything. The Queen had to spike her machine with $40 of her own dough but yielded a straight flush (this is about her fourth or fifth, where the hell are mine?????? ) and a quad. She's bringin' it!

El Cortez Video Poker at the Bar

El Cortez Straight Flush

Satisfied, we headed back as we had some business to attend to - checking in at the Posh Tower in the Golden Nugget for the next stage of our adventures.

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