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Monday, February 25, 2013

Breakfast of Quad Champions

Reposted from the classic 2013 Victory Trip.

Feb 25, 2013 - Saturday. For those with a normal work-week a day to take a breather, maybe sleep in a bit, linger over coffee and a hearty breakfast.

We also believe in the power of Saturday here in Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas. Here's proof that a casino Saturday breakfast can be healthy, satisfying, delightful to the palate, and maybe a touch indulgent.

Hearty Casino Apple

 After this feast, I ordered a slightly sinful coffee - with a shot of Jack in it. The super-cute, perky Four Queens cocktail waitress - one of my favorites - she's the perky cute one - obliged and I polished off this:
Casino Shots

The coffee came pre-loaded too. We played some quarter Bonus to start the day and Mr. Quad King here picked off three groups of four. Peachy start to the day.

Moving on to the Mikes bar, the Mikes greeted us.

"Ready for breakfast?"

"No thanks, I've already drunk mine," I replied, but the Quad Queen snarfed down some Jameson's.

I continued on my quad bender getting 4s dealt - but couldn't make the kicker draw. I followed up with 2s (and did get the kicker for a cool $205). And then threes. And then Queens.

Mikes Bar Four Queens Quad 4s

Four Queens Casino Mikes Bar

Mikes Bar Quad

Four Queens four queens at Mikes Bar

We talked about our play with a Mike and explained how the rooms are usually comped.

"Shouldn't you be up there in the Posh Tower availing yourself of all the free room stuff? Like, hey, I'm standing on the FREE carpet, using it. And now I'm breathing COMPED air! Now I can use the FREE window and look out of it for FREE!"

So where was the Quad Queen all this time? Qrashing. No quads, no wins, no royals. I was crushing her, she was down $500 and I was up $387 (approximately) and I was just crushing her. I would never say anything though - she's sensitive.

"I'm totally crushing you!" I said.

"Keep it up - its goodbye Kitty for you," she replied.

Have I mentioned how impressed I am with the renovations at The D (aside from the name)? The coffee shop upstairs is totally redone and they say the food is all home-made from fresh ingredients. We decided to give it a try.

The D Grill

Note to Free Meat Followers - sadly, the CBC Election News Desk is now predicting the fall of the Free Meat party - the 'Win a Steak Dinner with Four of a Kind' promotion - is no more. The D party has won a majority and swept away the last of the Beef-leaning Free Meat party. Fortunately the 'Colonel-can-go-fuck-himself-sideways-this-is-the-best-fried-chicken-on-earth Fried Chicken' lives on - even though it isn't available till four pm.

Mrs. Luncher had something called a BBQ Burger and she groaned and drooled over it while devouring it, so I guess it was pretty good. I had some egg thing that was quite good but not drool-worthy.

After, I played in the Vintage Slots area for a while and tried to win some Royal progressive. This is as close as I came:
Royal Failure

Next stop was the Four Queen's front desk where I stuffed a few things in an envelope, including an official Royal Flusher business card, for one of my savvy degenerate loyal fans, Janis. I hope you received the $8000 in cash I put in that envelope, Janis. If you find that there is only a single dollar in there, it's probably too late to put your hands on the 8 large, since somebody probably cleaned out the envelope of all its cash, made a duplicate, forged my writing, and left that instead.

Because it is fun to piss off Silver Strikers, and because getting those heavy metal tokens is, for me, dead easy, for the sole reason that I don't care about them... I went over and popped a twenty into Silver Strike. After about 8 spins, the machine yelled "SILVER STRIKE!" at me and shat out one of the tokens.

"I done put $60 in this machine and ain't got no damn tokens," said the now pissed off Silver Striker guy on the machine next to me.

I shrugged. He hit his last spin and got up, pissed offedly, and stood off to one side.

It's always good to vary your play, so I cashed out, and put my ticket into his machine.

First spin, the machine yelled "SILVER STRIKE!!!" at me and shat out a token. I looked at him and he looked at me.

"Royal Flusher Way, dude," I said.

Just for fun, about eight spins later, "SILVER STRIKE!!!!!!", shat out third token - one of the special 'blue clad' ones. I have no idea how desirable this thing is.

Four Queens Silver Strike Blue Cap

I headed back to the Posh Tower and made a reservation for us at the Chart House - the one with the big-ass fishy tank all over the place. I napped, showered, blogged, and then headed up to the room. And then we sat looking at the city lights and having cocktails. And then we hit the dollar video poker. And then we got our asses handed to us.

Las Vegas at Night from the Rush Tower

Silver strike shite karma?

I pretty much blew through my winnings, but Mrs. F really took the hit... she was down the larger part of a grand.

We did save $50 on the dinner bill by using our Landry's card sign-up bonuses though, so that was pretty savvy.
Chart House Restaurant Golden Nugget

Chart House Fish Tank

Chart House Hostess

The Chart House dinner was fantastic. The Quad Queen had a salad while I had the Children's Salad.

Chart House Salad

Entrees were P.R.O.B. for Q.Q. and the Best of Shrimp for me (three varieties, coconut - fantastic - crab stuffed - pretty fantastic - and something else - meh). The P.R.O.B. was amazing.

Chart House Prime Rib

Chart House Coconut Shrimp

But the totally, totally, fucking blow me away amazing thing was the Deep Fried Mac and Cheese. Oh my oh my.... it is in the 'your last meal on earth choice' category.

Deep Fried Mac 'n Cheese at Chart House

No room for dessert - just bed after a long day of grueling fun.

The stats are as follows:

Quad Queen down $700 on the day, up $1060 on the trip.

Royal Flusher even on the day $0, up $2,255 on the trip.

Combined, we are up $3,315 on the trip. Trust me though, there is still a LONG way to go... fact, we are being called back for an Encore!


    1. Awesome Report as usual. I am so glad your trips are always longer than 3-4 days! Love reading each installment while waiting for my own trip. P R O B looks amazing!

      Thanks again for the blog and effort to post all the pictures they are the best!


    2. No pictures of this fried chicken?!

    3. Haven't had the fried chicken yet! (Or Lauren's crack cakes.) :(

    4. Loved the salad bit!


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