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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cavalcade of Victory Quad Queen Quads

Reposted from the classic 2013 Victory Trip.

Feb 20, 2013 - Mrs. Flusher was sleeping soundly, her little fingers twitching bewitchedly as she played a dreamy video poker machine.

I turned in and slept well, except at 2:00am when I briefly awoke to light from the doorway, and a glimpse of her leaving the suite. I slept until about 4:45am and finally got up, too wired from the trip to sleep any more, and wondering just a little bit what the Quad Queen was up to.

What she was up to, was hammering the 50 cent Bonus Poker progressive - the Royal was up to $3600. Sadly, she hadn't hit it.

"So, how'd you do? Did you win? What's up?" I demanded. And then, "Oh, and good morning, how are you." I added a little emoticon smiley face that drifted off into the air...

"Here," she said, thrusting her phone into my hand.

After all the troubles with our old cell service, we finally got some new hardware through the sneaky South Koreans who, along with the pesky Belgians (not a slight against Belgians that either bought Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer or who invented the big-ass dimply waffle) bought Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer.

Anyway, the South Koreans sold us some knock-off tablets and smartphones. I'm writing this trip's blog in my niPad, and we keep in communication with our new piPhone 3.14s. They're pretty great except they smoke a bit when I'm moving pictures around the internets.

"Here," she said, as I said.... the first picture was a straight flush. And that was followed by quad after quad after quad.

Take a look below and you'll see what I mean.

Quad Queen Straight Flush

Quad Queen Quad

Quad Queen Quad

Quad Queen Quad

Quad Queen Quad

Quad Queen Quad

Quad Queen Quad

Quad Queen Quad

Quad Queen Quad

She'd won about $800 during her marathon session. Amazing. Isn't it a shame you can't win like this all the time?...

I played some with her for about an hour and made a hundy myself.

We moved around the casino and things kind of went sour. Frankly, I couldn't win a damn thing. I stopped when I was down $300 on the day. I know all streaks can't last forever but I'd kind of gotten used to not being a complete and utter degenerate gambling loser. In other words, a winner.

We headed back to the room to eat leftover pizza from last night.

Pizza and Absolut Vodka

When you look at pizza in a cardboard box as breakfast, you sort of ask yourself the same things you would if you woke up with a Fort St. John cowboy bar Canadian Club Queen.

They both have the same sort of congealed complexion with liberally applied smeared black eyeliner (mushrooms in one case, actual eyeliner in the other) and you ask yourself, "why did I think this was so great last night?", "oh my God what have I done???", and finally, "I hope there is an antidote for whatever this thing is carrying".

(Apologies to my Fort St. John B.C. readers. I've lived in the area, briefly, and I know that none of you would ever get it on with one of those cowboy bar Canadian Club Queens.)

I wrote up a blog post for yesterday and shoved it down the wireless. Then I started today's and Blogsy crashed, taking some amazing writing with it. Then I started it again in Supernote and IT crashed taking some more amazing writing with it.

We choked down the breakfast - don't ask me why - and got ready to head out.

Okay, so it was off for VP tournament part two. I played a few twenties while we waited and got nothing. And during the tournament I got one four of a kind but not much else. The Quad Queen didn't fare much better.

You pretty much need to have, in the course of two 20 minute sessions, a royal flush and Aces with kicker - and maybe another quad or two - in order to win. Each tournament there are 4 or 5 that get Royals... its a numbers game. Sadly, my number was not up.

"Screw you, Hello Kitty," I said bitterly as we waited for our scores to be taken down.

"Screw YOU double Gordie Howe," said Mrs. Flusher in response.

Stupid 'good luck' charms. Yes, I was up $3000, but what had that slippery kitty done for me LATELY??????

We had to hustle over to the Four Queens to register for the slot tournament there. The timing was a bit touch and go and touch again and go a bit more and then touch one more time and then go like crazy, but it all worked out well and we made it on time.

The room crackled with electric indifference and the eating of donuts.

Our slot tournament sessions last only 5 minutes and we both did fairly crappy. I did get an oversized bagel filled - nay overfilled - disgustingly with cream cheese food product out of it. And a Coke.

We cruised over to the Fremont for some Pick'em. Well, it went for shit.

Folks, if you think we win all the time, we don't. It's like a Victoria's Secret photo shoot - we work for hours under the hot lights and you get to see only the perfect gambling cleavage. (No photoshopping though.)

Back at the Four Queens, I was getting desperate. I was out of my $500 stake and Mrs. F was losing too. I added another hundred.... it looked like today might just go in the dumper big time.

As a last gasp, we went on a pretty good run on dollar Jacks or Better, 69 style, thanks to the Four Queens. Mrs. F lost some more but I rallied, eventually hitting a couple of quads for $125 and cashing out at $400.

Four Queens Play 6/9 Jacks or Better Here

Four Queens Aces

There was hope in my day!

Four Queens Jacks

It was time for the tournament banquet, which consisted of them taking over the buffet at Main St. Station, and doling out the top prizes. It was a good meal, but we were way, way out of the money. We played some before that, and lost some...

It was weird, ever since I got up, Mrs. Flusher had a terrible losing streak.

Clearly, its something she's doing, or not doing.

We're kind of mixed up on stats, but I'm down 200 and Mrs. F is down a lot.

Guess what, we realized we left Hello Kitty at the tournament. We'd been playing without it.

Hello Kitty Good Luck Charm

We went back to the tournament to rescue our sweet little good luck charm. Hello Kitty, how could I stay mad at plastic Lego you????

I've got $360 left of my stake for the evening... There is still some to be written on a Wednesday night in Las Vegas.


    1. wonder how the high limit rooms are paying out. i usually do better in there than on quarters.

    2. I like the 4 Aces holding AK of clubs! Very savvy, indeed! LOL.

      On the other hand, the 4 Aces with kicker on $1 JOB...maybe not so savvy. I mean, any quad is savvy, and 6/9 Jacks is a good game, but when you manage to get 4 Aces with kicker, I'm not sure both parties are fully benefiting from the 6/9. :-P

    3. I'm loving the updates! Even more so the unconditional love for the not-so-luck Ms Kitty!


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