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Friday, February 22, 2013

Cavalcade of Victory Trip Tilt

Reposted from the classic 2013 Victory Trip.

Feb 22, 2013 - Wednesday continued...

...first of all, I'm dead on my feet after a reallllly long day so I'm going to sum up Wednesday night and write up a lot more tomorrow (Friday) morning. Trust me, you won't want to miss the hijinx.

As mentioned, I had $360 in my pocket for the evening.

We had dueling rooms - the suite at the Cal and our room at the Four Queens. QQ was finding the bed too soft so she decided to dump me and sleep at the Four Queens - I was on my own with $360 in my pocket.

First, I dumped the remains of my Absolut in with a bottle of cranberry. Then I headed out, making a quick stop at the ice machine. It was fun trying to get ice to go into the little bottle neck. I'm sure most of my 'misses' have melted by now.

I was very savvy and controlled, trying a $20 in quarter VP. Then I tried $20 in dollar VP. And another.

Then I decided I needed to go big since I was overdue for quads. It's too bad the machines know no such concept. I stuffed a hundy in Boner Deluxe hoping for any quad - $400. Nope. I realized I should just quit.

So I stuffed a hundy in dollar Bonus Poker which is a little less volatile. Nothing.

I really grabbed myself by the collar - I had only $100 of my day's stake left. And I'd broken the winning streak of the Victory Trip. So I bought in at blackjack.

It just wasn't my night at it. I dropped down to $15 and worked up to $150 or so, then dropped like a stone to $60.

Nothing was working so I bailed and tried a couple of roulette spins. Nothing. My last $50 was at the craps table and it went. So my stake was completely gone.

Gamblers need discipline to stop-loss losses and press-win wins. I have none. I actually pulled an additional hundred out of my cache of non-stake money. And shoved it in the nearest dollar slot machine.

I won 10 here and 20 there and next thing I knew I hit for $240. Ring a ding ding! I should cash out immediately with $380 won, and almost half my days losses won back right?


I played on.


Sanity came back at the $300 mark. I cashed out. Royal Flusher Way. I returned a hundy back to the Admin money. Totally Royal Flusher Way.

I stuffed a hundy into dollar Double Double Bonus.

Fucking idiot way.

So, yeah, I blew through $200 in 10 minutes looking for that elusive big score. None came and I went to bed alone, and a loser.

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