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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Earbuds and El Caminos

The Presidential Limo guy was waiting for us and whisked us smoothly to the California, downtown. Actually, he was pretty new at it, but a nice guy, and I had to give him directions on how to get there.

We saw two El Caminos on the way, which made me think maybe our luck would change. Everyone knows the stately El Camino is a very lucky vehicle.

Finally, finally, we'd made it, and hauled our luggage into the lobby of the Cal, past the big wooden Buddha. Checked in and as our keys were being made up, I asked about suite upgrades.

As in, if someone asked could they get one, or are they only given out through hosts to bigger players, as I'd heard. And if someone could ask and get one and offered a nice tip very quietly, would that have any effect?...

I gave the desk clerk a very nice, very warm, very focused, very savvy handshake. Oh yes I did.

And we took our luggage up to our suite at the Cal.

It's not a super deluxe suite, and I think they have some nicer ones here called Signature Suites, but this one is roomy, with a bigass tv and couch and a wet bar. The bathroom is no hell, pretty much the same as a standard Cal room one but with more space in it.

We'd had weeks to figure out the first play of the trip and had decided upon two particular machines - dollar Treasure Chest Video Poker at the base of the escalators.

We plunked down, slipped a hundy each in the machines, counted down from three and hit Deal. The Victory (maybe) trip was on!

An obliging cocktail waitress brought us a shot of Absolut and an MGD each, and followed up with a repeat later. This was purely for medicinal purposes, as we were sore after the very long (22 hour pretty much) trip.

My results were pretty good. I got three quads - two of 'em for $140 and one for $180. Oddly the Quadly Queen didn't get any and lost some. It was time to cash out all those coins - yes these are coin droppers - and get something to eat at the coffee shop.

The 'something' was a couple of passable T-bone steak meals with salad bar. Obviously we were pretty bagged out by the trip out and crashed out in the suite for a long nap.

Feeling refreshed, I checked out some older coin-dropper dollar slots. Put $20 in and BOOM - nothing happened.

I was down to 2 credits, thought about cashing them out as it was a 3-coiner with a progressive and I don't play less than max coins. What the hell, put another $20 in and gave it another go.



Hit this little beauty for a cool $300.


We played around the Cal for the rest of the day, taking it easy. There were a few hits here and there...

The Quad queen got a straight flush and four deuces for $50, so she was on the board.

We crashed out at the end of a long, tiring time and had fitful dreams. But we were in Vegas, and at least one of us was winning.

R.F. up $300 on the trip

Q.Q. down $420 on the trip

Total down $120 on the trip, and a rubber earbud fitment.


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