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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Enwynning and Enlosing

Reposted from the classic 2013 Victory Trip.

Feb 26, 2013 - We got up early as we both had a fitful night. Well, the Quad Queen had a fitful night and I inherited one. We got up at 5:00 am to find that the day was early here in Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas.

We found a quarter progressive at $1600 for the royal so we gave it a shot and the Quad Queen went on a Quad Tear as she has so often in the past.

She hit 10s. She hit Kings. Two hands later she hit sevens. Then threes for $50. Meanwhile, I was playing Double Double Bonus and was down $160. We played for an hour and twenty minutes before I hit my first quad of the day.

I really struggle with quads sometimes. Some days I really, really struggle.

Even with the quad I was down $200 on the day. I decided dollar slots would be a good idea.

Nice hit on Triple Red White and Blue slot
Nice hit!!!

I actually won. I put $100 in and took $220 out. Back at the VP machines, Mrs. Flusherynn was playing dollars and hit Queens

Wynn Video Poker

I tried some double double and dropped a hundy. Really bouncing around today.

I tried another slot and won $80 and then played some dollar Double Double. And I hit quad tens for $250.

We took a rest and I did some blogging and then we pounded the dollar Double Double again. I lost a hundy and Mrs. F lost two. Things seemed to be turning.

Wynn Video Poker Quad

Encore Casino Las Vegas

Now, somewhere in here, we ate breakfast (second breakfast, for me) at the Buffet. It's amazing. Pretty much everything I taste there is fantastic.

Wynn Buffet

Wynn Buffet Breakfast

I put $100 in a Megabucks slot. My hundred grew to about $160 with a decent win. The smart thing to do would be to cash it out and do some other things, and maybe try back another time. So, I played on, and played it into the ground.

It wasn't entirely bad - I figure I put $1000 of dollar slot coin-in through and played for over half an hour. They love this sort of thing when they hand out future offers. And I really wanted to give myself some chances to win big on this trip. I had many, many chances in this session. But as de Niro says in Casino, "In the end... we get it all."

We went back to Wynn and played this and that including some Triple Play which yielded a lot of quads - I didn't even take pictures of them all. I also seem to have lost my $160 buy-in.

Triple Play Video Poker

Triple Play Video Poker

Triple Play Video Poker

Triple Play Video Poker

This was a very busy day with a lot of play. My notes are kind of messed up, as is my brain. However, I do remember that this was the actual point at which it went in the dumper for me.

For some reason, all table games have been my nemesis this trip. I've lost and lost and lost on them. And this was no different, another $100 lost on craps in about 11 minutes 29 seconds. And then a quick hundred gone on a dollar slot, while the Queen was still hitting.

Wynn Chandelier
Behold, the chandelier of DEATH!

Somewhere in there we had dinner at... The Buffet. It's really good. Dinner is a bit pricy at $38 a person.

Once I was full, I made sure to throw a lot of smoked salmon away in order to cover the cost.

Somehow! - shocked face! - SOMEHOW.... I'm down $500 today. What. The. Fuck. ??????

I realized this and a cold shudder came over me. This could get really. really. bad. So what do I do? Play on, or quit?

I took another hundred and hit up my old pal, Boner Deluxe. $400 for any quad.

First fucking hand out of the gate, I hit it and my day was alive again! Quad deuces for $400 smackers. Woot!

Boner Deluxe

After that I tried some dollar Bonus and hit a quad for $125 but gave a lot of it back. Still it was a huge great feeling to be down $600 and hit for $400. It turned a disaster day into a somewhat normal day.

Well, as normal as it can be when you are a video poker savant like Royal Flusher. Did I mention that I lost $200 today???

The Stats

Quad Queen got her ass totally kicked big time. Hey, it happens. Down $800 on the day. Up $340 on the trip.

Royal Flushwynn, down $200 on the day, up $2565 on the trip.

Combined up $2,905.

How did Mrs. Flusher lose so much in one day? I guess it just sorta happened. We'd eaten away a good chunk of our winnings.

But one really bad day happens from time to time, right?

I mean... one would not expect that one would have more than one terrible, terrible day like that right?


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    1. I love your reports! The nice thing about Wynn is that even when you're losing, you're losing at really nice clean machines with very comfortable seats:) Looking forward to more chapters and hope they're winning ones.

    2. I am really enjoying your trip report.

      Do you ever go to any magic, comedy or variety
      shows? Ever take a drive around the mountains?

    3. Great stuff, enjoying the ride with you!
      I loved my stay at WynnCore, most notable were the free drinks. They served the best G&Ts using actual gin and not car antifreeze.

      Looking forward to yesterday...... If you see what I mean.
      Be lucky!

      (Matty777UK, blonde4ever forum)


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