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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Enynn Topless Restaurant

Reposted from the classic 2013 Victory Trip.

Feb 26, 2013 - Last day at the Posh Tower. It's okay, though we have bigger plans. Huge plans.

We got going on some quarter Bonus play right away by the 69 bar. Those old machines have seen better days. The screens have such bad cases of burn-in you can see the static Keno screen better than the video poker cards.

Ever notice that long VP runs happen more in the morning than at any other time? Well, we got on one. 

The Quad Queen hit three including Aces for $100, and a minute later fours. She moved on to dollars while I kept pounding the quarter VP. I had sevens dealt and a couple of others - enough to keep me going for two hours. Going by the point meter, I played 1,540 hands over two hours. I put in $20 and cashed out $80. If every day were like that, I'd have a job, not a vacation.

Video Poker Quad 7s

Four Aces aka Pointies

Golden Nugget Video Poker

Golden Nugget Slot Club counter

We got our stuff together to check out of the Nugget and had something to eat at Magnolias. I had something called the Jackson Square. It consists of pancakes, eggs and sausage. I don't know why it is called the Jackson Square and not the Pancakes, Eggs, and Sausage. Some vague New Orleans reference I think.

While Mrs. F went to see the Nugget host, I rented a car for 5 days or so at Avis.

I had a choice between a Hyunkia Canula or a Ford Fireball XL5. I asked the attendant which one he would take and he said the Ford.

He looked kind of dweebish so I took the Hyunkia Canula.

We headed back to the Posh Tower to get our shit out of the room and downstairs, and get checked out.

Check out wasn't smooth. We had a bill of about $362. We'd been told our Gold Club upgrade was $25 a night but it was showing as $62 a night. The host had picked up 2 nights based on our play, but that wasn't reflected in the bill.

I worked with JP at the desk and he worked with the manager and long story short, we got the bill down to $120. We loaded up the car and headed off on the next part of our adventure - a stay at Encore.

The Quad Queen had gotten a sweet offer based on some play there this summer - 3 nights and $300 Free Play.

Wynn / Encore, or Enynn as it is known by the savvy gambling set, is pretty high falutin' for a couple of employees of Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer like us. Prices are sky high, and so it was that we went shopping for vital supplies - to Lee's Discount Liquor, out on Flamingo near Pecos.

Lee's held a certain attraction for a couple of over-taxed Canadians. We couldn't believe our eyes. I saw a 1.75 liter of Prince Plonknya Vodka for just $9.99 - left over fuel from the now dismantled space shuttle program, no doubt.

Lee's Discount Liquor

Lee's Discount Liquor Absolut Vodka

Lee's Discount Liquor Cheap Vodka

We picked up a few things to make our stay at the very high class Enynn even more enjoyable, and drove back to the strip. Valet happily took the Hyunkia Canula in exchange for five bucks, and another fiver got our stuff taken into the bowels of the bell desk caverns, where luggage goes in and undergoes God knows what kind of torture.

After a short wait at reception, we were called up to meet a perky, cute reception lobby attendant clerk named J (not her real letter).

"I was hoping we'd get you," I exclaimed cheerfully and spontaneously - just like I'd practiced.

J underwent the cute reception lobby attendant clerk duties of getting us checked in and looking at our various IDs and credentials.

Perky cute reception lobby attendant J did some flamboyant typing on her fancy 'computer keyboard' and said, "Okay, I've upgraded you to a Paranormal Suite on the 58th floor."

"What's a paranormal suite?"



"Suite - with big windows - on the 58th floor."

I gave her one of my business cards and we talked about the blog for a while.

"It's so funny people pee their pants laughing," offered the Quad Queen, helpfully.

"Mrs. Flusher!!!!!" I warned, "mind your language around cute reception lobby attendant J or you'll be in the penalty box!"

J looked at me slyly. "She looks like she might enjoy that."

"It all depends on who's in there with me," said the Quad Queen with a wink.

"Keep it to the room," said cute reception lobby attendant J.

"Am I blushing a bit?" I asked. I fanned delicately.

"You are, a bit," she replied perkily. Deftly changing the subject, she said, "Let me point out some of the features and points of interest here in Enynn. Do you eat food?"

"Yes. Yes we do eat food."

"Well, there's a new tapas rest-"

"Excuse me - a new what? Topless?"

"Tapas. A tapas restaurant." She jabbed at a colored square on the map.

"Topless? Topless what? Topless restaurant???.... who, the waitresses, or the patrons?"

"Not topless, tapas. A tapas restaurant."

"Perky cute reception lobby attendant J, now you're blushing."

And she was. I slipped her the 'green' handshake to thank her for her perky cute help.

And so began our Enstravagant stay at Enynn on the Strip.

Almost. The room we'd been given was still occupied. Long story short, we schlepped down, got a new one - this time on the 60th floor - and moved in.

It's gorgeous. They have ALL the amenities. Even a concierge to make reservations at the Topless Restaurant.

Encore Suite Foyer

Encore Bathroom


Encore Emergency Backup
Can you believe this is a roll of toilet paper, elegantly disguised?

Encore Suite View

I immediately set up the refreshments.

Wynn Encore in-room bar
Bar's open!!!

 We may have overdone it.


    1. Great Stuff - as usual! Encore could be habit forming?!

      Jigger Woodruff

    2. love it, feeling Encore envy right now!

    3. Great story and a great room.....keeping my fingers crossed your streak continues on the Strip!



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