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Friday, February 22, 2013

Golden Nugget Posh Tower

Reposted from the classic 2013 Victory Trip.

Feb 22, 2013 - This place is as posh as it gets downtown.* Strangely, they misspell Posh Tower everywhere I look. They must have used autocorrect on all the signs.

Wouldn't it be great if autocorrect errors happened in commercial printing all the time? I wonder what would happen to the sales of Skippy Penis Butter.

Having checked in to a really nice room at the Posh Tower, which includes all sorts of luxury amenities that I am really not used to, such as a coffee 'maker' (k-cup), television 'remote', two (count 'em) phones, and 27 pillows of various types and sizes on each bed.

Why so many pillows? Are there some sex positions that I don't know about that involve these pillows in some way? Do I want to know about this? Could my back handle it?

We headed back to the Four Queens bar to show them some love, watch hockey with Mike, and drink some drinks. I noticed the big-ass Royal progressive game... having seen some pictures on Facebook of some big quarter wins based on that game.

I showed it to the Quad Queen. It is an 8/5 Jacks game with progressives on each different suit on the Royal. The best two were diamonds (over $2k) and spades (well over $3K).

"I'm going after that," announced the Queen. And she started playing.

I asked about who takes those Facebook pictures because I wanted to see if I could get my Royal up there. The Slot Manager came over to see us and we talked about getting Royal pictures and other wins on Facebook, the win of the Foose Mustang, and so on.

They take the pictures for Facebook when there is paperwork involved in a win. Darn, I forgot to ask her about the $1.4 million win and what happened when that happened last month. She bade us good luck and I said we'd be seeing her again when we hit some Royals that needed paperwork (which are wins over $1200).

We played hard and drank hard for about an hour, and neither of us had hit anything. In fact, my play, since the Royal, had gone down, down, down and I'd eaten up quite a bit of that profit.

We played on and all of a sudden, the Quad Queen started celebrating and jumping up and down.

Had Boston scored?

No, the Quad Queen had scored.

Seriously, holy shit. What is happening this trip??!!!!

Diamond Progressive Royal Flush
I think this photo ended up on Facebook.

She'd hit the diamond progressive for $2090.75 cents. On a quarter machine. Holy shit. Did I mention, holy shit???!!!!

Honestly, we are just kind of stunned and giddy. This is by far and away the most amazing trip ever. We've never had this kind of luck before in terms of keeping winnings. We had a pretty amazing trip last time hitting so many quads between us, but there were many droughts between and we didn't keep all that much of it.

This is different. I am really liking it.

Onward - meanwhile, where were my quads? Was I going to burn through the whole morning's Royal money??

Finally, I was dealt four deuces and got to draw for the kicker... but couldn't get it.

We headed over to the Fremont for some Pick'em and dinner. Made a reservation at the 2nd Street Grill and played some, and I was just getting blown out. I decided on a change of pace and headed to the craps table.

It did not go well. I dumped a hundred in about 15 minutes and then uncharacteristically (DUPE!) bought in for a second hundred. And it went bye-bye. The only thing I got out of it was a picture of the very busy casino carpet. Boy is it ugly.

Fremont Craps Table

It's hard to be despondent when you are winning your ass off. But since the Royal first thing in the morning, I had really dropped quite a bit of coin. Like around $600. Was I capable of blowing through an entire $1000 in one day? How stupid would that be? If I kept playing, could it happen?

We both had the t-bone special ($18.99) and the steaks were amazing. One of the tastiest steak dinners I've ever had downtown. We will probably go back for it again. Quad Queen's b-connected points covered the $46 tab so it was good all around.

2nd Street Grille T-bone Steak

By now, me, Quad Queen, Gordie Howe, and Hello Kitty were getting pretty weary. We headed back to the Posh Tower and had one more crack at the machines... dollar short pay Bonus Poker.

I was feeling pretty apprehensive about blowing a lot more money on dollars so only put in $20. Meanwhile, the Quad Queen started hitting, as usual. She's unstoppable!

Dollar Quad Twos on Bonus Poker

Dollar Straight Flush

I put another $20 in.

Then I put another $20 in... where were my quads???

Played for quite a while and ran the machine up over $100 - had many 3s of a kind... Where oh where???!

Deuces Quad

Here! oh Here!

And just for good measure, I banged out another one.

Dollar Video Poker Quad Threes

Short of winning some huge-ass slot progressive, I can't imagine having a better day than today.

How about some stats?

Royal Flusher is up $740 on the day (see, I had $1300 in my pocket at one point - DUPE!) and up on the trip $3055. (Thud!)

Quad Queen is up (ahem) $1900 on the day and is up $1760 on the trip.

Combined, we are up a staggering (for me) $4,815.

And, we still have two lucky Cal Keno tickets to check.

Hundred Dollar Bills

*As of Oct 28, 2020, Circa has circumcised the poshness record downtown that the Nugget held for many years.


    1. There should be a reaction button to check off FUCK YEAH!
      Congrats and keep up the great work!

    2. Awesome day! Awesome trip!!!

      Keep it going.

    3. Those carpets are the best when trippin on mush rooms or lsd!
      Congrats on the wins, enjoying your stories :)

    4. Way to get them Royals Flush....You and QQ are on fire this trip and you all deserve it.....well better you than the casinos
      Keep on writing and thank you for the reports they are always a great read. -J

    5. You know what I say... Fuck the Pricks at the Fremont.

      Now try to guess who this is?

    6. Fabulous writing!!! Continued good luck to you and the QQ.

    7. Did QQ get her picture on Facebook?

    8. i guess i need to speak to the slot director before i start gambling to get him to give me a royal since i havent seen one in 5 months now. its all about who you know in las vegas.

    9. Good Job!! Love your reports and that your raking in the dough!

      Thanks for the reports, love the gambling details to no end along with your writing!



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