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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Just for Kickers

Reposted from the classic 2013 Victory Trip.

Four Aces at Mikes Bar in the Four Queens
Feb 20, 2013 - What an amazing start to a trip its been. I remember many trips where we would pretty much just lose slowly most of the time and you were lucky if you had one or two winning days out of a week.

I phoned the Left-B-Hind kennel and told them to give Chippy an extra half-ration of dog kibble at breakfast the next day. There's no reason she shouldn't celebrate too, and for dogs, who love kibble, what would they love even more except more kibble?

We slept a fairly short night, got up, packed Hello Kitty and got busy. The Flusherita Extravaganita hit five Quads chasing the 50 cent progressive Royal which was still unclaimed and pushing $3000. I, on the other hand, played Double Double and turned $20 into $200.

Today was the first day of our VP tournament at the Cal and our session was at 9:30. We headed up early so I could psych out some of the players and throw them off their game.

It's easy to psych out the I.S.G.s in particular, all I have to do is make low moaning noises and random movements at the same time.

By luck, we both got slant-tops, which are better for tournament play.

"What's wrong with you??" the Island Senior Girlfriend next to me asked.

"I have Tournado's Syndrome and a bad case of Gold Fever. Do you have any nude pictures of any of those Gold show stars or starlets?"

"NO!" she said and stared at her screen.

"Do you want to buy some?..." I replied.

That was one I.S.G. out of the tournament. Easy meat.

I put my two Gordie Howe Pro Set hockey cards on top of my machine, and the QQ put up Hello Kitty.

Maybe ole Gordie still had some luck in him.

California Video Poker Tournament

The tournament went by and this time, yes, I used all my credits. We both scored within 30 points of each other, right around 1200. No quads. No royals. Not good. We'd have to do something spectacular tomorrow (in the tournament) to get any winnings.

Time to check out Main Street Station and get some scratchcards!

We both lost $100 on slots. And I started to drop, drop, drop money on video poker. The Queen got four 8s somewhere along the line and a $2 scratch card but the only redeeming thing about MSS at 10 in the morning was the Jack and 'cola's (sadly Pepsi, not Coke) that Hot Towels kept bringing me.

(Hot Towels, the cocktail waitress so named because she walks around offering "Drinks... Hottowels... Drinks... Hottowels..." If you've met her, you know who I mean. BTW I didn't invent this, but there's nothing better than appropriating if you can't invent. Savvy!)

Lunch! Triple 7 brewpub! Chicken Philly with red pepper, fries for the lady, rings for me. Delightfulscrumpilicious.

Triple Seven Brew Pub Onion Rings

We had a competing offer from the Four Queens for a slot tournament which roughly coincides with the Cal VP tournament, so we needed to go check in there, and give them some play to keep the offers coming and the comps flowing.

I was feeling pretty low, because it seemed like I was snatching defeat from the jaws of Victory - I was down about $400. However, we popped in to the Mikes Bar at the Four Queens after checking in and greeted our old buddies, The Mikes.

Mikes Bar at the Four Queens

We hit the quarter Double Double Bonus progressive pretty hard, and the tumblers of Maker's Mark and Jameson were flowing, courtesy of The Mikes.

Some of you faithful degenerate readers will recall that it has been some time since I've managed to get Aces with Kicker on this game (which pays $500 and higher depending on the progressive.) Last time I got it was, I think, about a year and a half ago. For the last three or four trips, its eluded me.

I did get four deuces for about $125 - no kicker there of course, but it cheered me. I had some credits to play on with and maybe turn things around.

Aces Dealt on Double Double Bonus Poker

We played some and BOOM I was dealt four Aces! Did the draw for the kicker... and.... nope. Couldn't get it. Still, it was $200. Maybe things were turning around.

We played on. I held two Aces and said, "I just need to get that Aces with Kicker so baaaaadd...."

As my hand came up, Mrs. F said, "Well, then get it."

I turned to her and stared and said very loudly, "ALL RIGHT THEN. I WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!" And I waited. And waited a bit more.

Aces Kicker at the Mikes Bar Four Queens

And she finally saw what was on my screen - Aces with Kicker for $650. Oh hell yeah! Finally!!!!

We celebrated a bit and another tumbler of Maker's appeared. "Now you have to get it! Wouldn't that be great?" I said.

It would be great because she'd put a shitload of hundys into the bartop machines. Things weren't really going that well for her and she was way down on the day.

Well, about five minutes later.... she did. Get it. Aces with Kicker for $502. Five minutes and we've hit for $1150. Sometimes you just wonder why people wonder why we keep coming back here all the time.

Aces Kicker at Mikes Bar Four Queens

Straight Flush Mikes Bar Four Queens

The Queen continued the fun with a straight flush and we finally decided to move on.

We hit some hundred play machines for about an hour, no big change either way there, and then headed up the the Chicago Brewing Company for dinner, which was two 16" pizzas and for me, a mug of microbrew.

Chicago Brewing Company Pizza

Don't ask me why we thought we needed about 3 hectares of pizza pie between us. Over half of it is stiff and cold in the fridge in our suite right now.

I hit a quad there but lost $50 or so, and the Quattro Piazza hit two quads.

We went back to the suite and she crashed hard. A lie down turned into a snooze which turned into a 15 minute nap which turned into lights out and Royal Flusher going back down to check out that 50 cent progressive - which was still unclaimed and now at $3200.

I chased it for a while and hit three quads. Profit was $100 on an hour's play. Obviously I didn't hit the Royal, or you'd have heard about it.

Blackjack was a no go - I dropped $40 there, and then hit the craps table with the remaining $60 in red chips from my blackjack buy-in. I got on a bit of a heater rolling about 20 times before making my point (which included two or three twelves with money on the field, so $15 wins each time).

I colored up $203 and threw the $3 to the crew to cover 6-8-10 hard and went up to bed.

What a turnaround, and another winning day! I'd gone from down $400 to up over $600 - a $1K swing.

Mrs. Flusher was sawing logs. I figured she'd probably be out for the night and tomorrow we'd get a fresh start together, around dawn.

I was dead wrong about that.

The Stats

R.F up $665 on the day, up $2,915 on the trip (!!!!!!!)

Q.Q. down $400 on the day (WTF) and down $20 on the trip.

Combined, up $2,895 on the trip.

Because this Blogsy app doesn't handle images well on the NiPad, I may have to dump most of them at the end of posts.... sorry about that.

Quad Jacks - The Jacks and Five
Jackson Five

Video Poker Four Deuces


    1. You seem to have such good luck on nearly every trip. Why not bump up to dollar games? Huge difference between $1000. and $4000 for that royal!

    2. Am loving all the wins Flusher! I haven't played much VP in the past but definitely giving it a bash in May.

    3. nice to see there is hope....i haven't hit aces with kicker or a royal since August 2011. Of course I'm GLAD I havent hit those aces since i've been playing Boner Deluxe!


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