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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Royal Flusher Victory Trip Index - Feb 2013

The Quad Queen and I have been coming to Vegas for almost 20 years.

Trips in those early days were pretty meagre affairs. We didn't have much dough and our understanding of how to work the comp system was marginal to non-existent. It was great. But I hated sweating every penny and not being able to do the things we wanted to do. We'd talk about the day when these things would be lifted off our shoulders, when we could do Vegas in the way we wanted without strain or worry.

Someday, we'd have a trip. And this trip would be called The Victory Trip.


    1. I am planning an article on Video Poker (a few lessons to improve your odds) and would like to link to this page. I'd be using it as an example to help explain short-term vs long-term. The anchor text would be "week long degenerate gambling bender" (Royal Flusher style, YMMV), and I would add your blog to my blogroll. Would you be okay with this?

      1. Hi Baustin. Yes that would be fine. It's always good to share info about video poker. Those considering taking it up should also understand that this trip so far is the outlier best out of 44 so far

        Royal Flusher

    2. Thanks, RF! I'll drop you a line when it goes live, I would love to get your feedback. Thanks for sharing an amazing TR. I hope one day to have a trip half as lucky as yours!


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