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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quad Queen 3 Royal Flusher 2

Reposted from the classic 2013 Victory Trip.

Feb 27, 2013 - We awoke to another amazing Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas day. One sleeps fairly well 60 (fake) stories up. The agenda, for the short term... gambling and coffee.

I like the Encore casino - its smaller, quieter and a little more manageable than the full Wynn one. It's homey in an extravagant way. We started with a shot at Dollar Boner Deluxe. Why am I addicted to trying to get quads on this game??! I burned $60 at it and the WynnQyeen went through $100.

We tried another trick that is a good, savvy gambling technique - the parlay. It's pretty simple, you start at quarters and if you double your stake, you move up to the next level. Lose half your stake, and you move down a level. There are some machines that have 25 cent, 50 cent, dollars and two dollars on them by the slot club so we gave it a shot. I didn't do too well, but QQ made it up to $2. Playing hard, that's $10 a hand, looking for a quad or other jackpot. She burned through 100 hands but didn't get any wins. Shame, that.

Prior, she'd hit a few things - deuces for $50, and a dealt straight flush. And 4s for $50... but it all went away. Shame, that.

We checked in with this quarter progressive, which had been at $1700 the night before. Nope, it had reset, at around $1020. Still, it's nothing to sneeze at and as good as the short pay quarter games get at Enynn.

We played a bit and QQ held a couple of cards, ended up with a flush (or so she thought). Pressed deal.

Nothing happened.

Hit deal a few more times. Nothing. That's because it wasn't a flush.

It was a Royal Flush. Her third of the trip. WAHOOOOO!!!!!

Encore Royal Flush

Encore Royal Flush

I like this part.

Amazing. Just amazing. To call this trip out as the Victory Trip at the beginning, and have this kind of, well, victory... it's just totally the R.F.W.

We played more hither and yon and I found myself suffering financially. In fact, I was down $300. No quads. Meanwhile, the QQ nailed another - 7s.

The buffet is so good, and breakfast at the restaurants about the same price, that we opted for it on many meals during our stay. Besides, what restaurant would ever have the Quad Queen Pound O'Smoked Salmon and Pizza special she favors?

Smoked Salmon Buffet

Meanwhile... I continued with the shitkicking. And I was getting gnarly about it.

It's not that I was jealous to see Mrs. F hitting a Royal Flush while I couldn't even hit a quad, it was just that when I saw her doing those things I wanted them for my very own and I was sad, angry, dispossessed, mortified, depressed, desperate, jealous, upset, nasty, jealous, and jealous about it.

I'd tried $100 in the Megabucks machine that had done well for me (allowing me to win before losing, instead of just losing) and all it did was lose. Seriously. I played 33 spins in a row with NOTHING. NO WIN WHATSOEVER. A crime against spinning if you ask me.

So I tried a flyer on dollar Boner Deluxe, which had paid off for me so handsomely in previous days. Nada.

So now I was in damage control mode. This was the kind of situation that you could easily go another two, three or four hundred in the hole. NOT THE R.F.F.W.!!!!

After a long, long time, I took another hundred. Broke it into twenties. Gingerly shoved a twenty up the Boner Deluxe machine's ass. Lost it.

Okay, so it will have to be quarters. Just try to play without losing so much. Play slowly. Hey, I got quad 7s. That's good. Good enough to try.... Dollar Boner Deluxe. Again.

And it wasn't good. Not at all. A more savvy gambler at that time would have quit playing for the day and spent his time collecting porn slapper cards out on the strip.

Actually, it was draining so fast... you just know that it is done, hand after hand of nothing. I couldn't bear to run it to ground and have that horrible sinking feeling that you get when you are down $700 by 1:30pm.

Instead I cashed out at $15, shoved the ticket jealously at the winning Quad Queen, and ran up to the room, simpering, with that horrible sinking feeling that you get when you are down $685 by 1:30pm.

Upstairs I poured a few stiff ones and had a little cry in the bathroom, with the door locked so I could act extra pouty just in case Mrs. F came up to check on me.

She didn't, so I finally had to unlock the door and get busy with some blogging (through my loser's tears I'll have you know). You haven't seen anything like it since Old Yeller croaked. (I never knew why they called it that, that dog never yelled or even spoke anything in that movie.)

Meanwhile, the Quad Queen played an hour and a half and broke even. She came and got me and I took... one more hundred. Nursed it along playing quarters.

Ordered drinks. I noticed that the cocktail waitress was a little pregnant (if that's possible) and resting the tray on her tummy.

"Maybe there is a cocktail waitress in training in there," said the Quad Queen.

"Yeah, maybe the ultrasound shows a little hand reaching up and holding that tray," I replied.

I ordered coffee.

"Just coffee?" she asked.

"Yes, just plain old coffee. Cream and sugar." I paused. "Maybe it would be okay if there was also a shot of vodka in it."

"Is that what you want then? Coffee, cream, sugar with shot of vodka."

"Well..." I said coyly, "if you are twisting my arm."

"I'll have a hot tea," said the Quad Queen.

"Hot tea..." the waitress repeated.

"Yes, I am... I am a hot-tea," I said loudly, and batted my eyes at her. She smiled.

She walked away and I said loudly, "I'VE MADE A NEW FRIEND!!!!". I was not really making good sense at this point in the day.

When I tried to stumble into the women's washroom, the kindly security dude intercepted me. On the way out, we chatted. He thought I'd won big when my arms went up in the air.

"I was dealt a flush. When you're down $700 you celebrate the little things. Tell you what, I hit a quad, you'll see me spin in my chair."

We played on. I was doing a bit better, but still... I was headed for a total shitkicking day unless something seriously lucky happened.

I did finally hit a quad - 4s for $50 - I spun around two or three times, arms raised high. The security dude gave me the thumbs up. It was sort of like when you are a kid and your dad lets you win at snakes and ladders though, kind of lame and bittersweet.

Well, I did manage to hit four Aces for $100. So I could still at least play the game, apparently. Still. Not near enough. I needed a Royal.

They had some drawing promotion thing where you get tickets for your play during the day. We happened onto it just at the deadline and we played. Got sweet fuck all.

Encore Slot Promotion
Yeah, right.

We decided that room service dinner would be the way to go. I tried to keep things in perspective (QQ=winner, me=horrible stinky loser but in a nice room.)

I wanted the rib eye, and she wanted surf and turf.

"No.... no no," I said. "I'm losing too much today. You can have surf. Or turf. You can't have both. I think you should just have the turf."

Encore Room Service Surf and Turf


Encore Room Service
Surf and Turf


Encore Room Service Steak

Once again, it was absolutely delicious. We also had mac and cheese, and a french onion soup and I squirrelled away enough buns and some butter to make a pre-breakfast snack out of. You have to do these things when you are 'suite camping'.

The Sad Stats

Quad Queen was up $500 on the day, $840 on the trip

I was down $760 on the day, up $1805 on the trip.

Combined, we are still up $2,645.

And what's in the offing? A suite at the Mirage anyone? How about a room at T.I.?

How about... both?!


    1. what you consider a bad day was actually down less than 300 combined minus your drinks and remember your not actually down - its your holiday spending money ;-)
      Chin up my man.
      Loving the TR btw.

    2. You're on your way! Only 11 more royals to go. I know you can do it!

    3. Confused why you would get a hand pay on a $1020 Royal Flush.

      Sounds as stupid as the we pay you 239 coins on a Straight Flush on a $5.00 machine ($1195). Then they lock up the machine and hand pay you, because slot personnel want a tip. Why should I tip, when you are ripping me off of $55? I play $5.00 VP - I got a ton of W2G's, so give me another one, and my other $55!

    4. Anonymous, that is an excellent question. I don't really know why that triggered a hand pay - I guess because it is a progressive it is setup up to always require a hand pay - once it goes over $1200 it certainly does require one.

      At the California, on the machines in front of the cashier's cage, Royals are hand paid (and you get a shirt) even though they are the stock 4000 credits on quarters. But when I hit one in one of the alcove machines, it just rang up the 4000 credits and I cashed out a ticket.


    5. Yep they want a tip. Ive seen casinos that have handpays for 4oak on dollars because there are so few actual w2gs that the slot personnel rarely get tips. I bet that royal was triggered by that dollar play and they were hoping you go chasing after a dollar royal.


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