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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Victory Trip - Bullshit!

Reposted from the classic 2013 Victory Trip.

Feb 17, 2013 - We packed Chippy, our pretty smart Danehuahua, off to the Left-B-Hind Kennel along with a bag of food and her Speak'n Spell, which she had rewired in order to play MyVegas on DogBook.

She's hoping to earn enough chips to get a free order of steak tartare from Prime.

Everything was perfect. I'd been busy the whole day, but not too rushed. How is it that every trip, I think I am far enough ahead of things but still spend the last 7 hours sorting socks, downloading Swedish movies for the plane, and looking for my lucky hat?

I booked our seats 24 hours ahead and we were all set.

Air Canada Rouge Las Vegas

We arrived at Flusherville Regional Aerodrome in good time, breezed through all the crap you have to do, and waited in the lounge.

Sure enough, the Beechwood Flameliner Turbopunt 3495 twin-engined biplane that Air Canada uses to ferry us to Toronto limped in with a sputtering rumble and dropped to the frozen grass of the Aerodrome as gently as a frozen turkey hitting a supermarket floor.

We watched them screw around with the plane, putting in luggage and stuff and we went a little bit past our departure time.

No problem - the weather in Flusherville had been clear and sunny and perfect all day long.

They announced a slight delay, and then another. No worries, we had a good connection in Toronto and we'd be fine.

Time ticked past and we reflected on the great fun we'd have arriving in Vegas tonight for the Victory Trip.

Then they said something about air traffic control in Toronto. Just for fun I checked the weather radar. There was a green blog signifying precipitation just the size of the city, hovering roughly over the airport. And it was spinning in place there. No issue, a little snow, they know how to deal with snow in Toronto!

Then I saw something that worried me. They took the luggage off the plane.

"They took the luggage off the plane," said the Quad Queen, sounding a little worried.

"Don't worry. Air Canada uses only the most experienced baggage and airframe fabric repair individuals that Flusherville Technical College puts out. They are just protecting our toothpaste from getting too cold, my dear," I said in soothing tones.

Well, one delay lead to another and it became pretty clear we would not make our connection in Toronto. We decided to go on ahead anyway. I booked a hotel room near YYZ.

We'd make fun of it, even though inside we were both a bit sad, despondent, and utterly freaking out near tears losing it.

We'd brought some provisions for the Toronto to Vegas run and we broke them out in the Flusherville airport, because by then it was about 8:30 and we hungered.

At 9:30pm they cancelled our Flusherville to Toronto flight.

The beleaguered staff rebooked us for the 5:45am plane to Toronto - we got the last 2 seats. And we got rebooked on the morning flight to Vegas. At least I did. It wasn't clear if Mrs. Flusher had a seat or not.

"I'll miss you," I said helpfully.

It turns out Toronto had gotten pounded with many inches of the white stuff, and a lot of snow too. It came from nowhere and the airport was a ClusterAirCanada.

At 10:00pm we hauled our luggage out to the '84 Tercel and headed to our cold, dark house. We'd have to get up at 4:00am to make the morning hopper.

The only thing was, they needed a different plane for that run - and that particular plane was stuck in Toronto.

We watched on FlightAware until about 12:30pm and it was still sitting there. We'd get up early, check it, and hope for the best.

I fell asleep about the same time we should have been landing in Las Vegas, my tears frozen to my cold lonely cheeks.

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