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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wynn and Spynn and Maimm!

Reposted from the classic 2013 Victory Trip.

Feb 26, 2013 - The suite on the 60th floor (bullshit, its not really that tall... Wynn must have story envy... its really about 40 stories up, which is still not insignificant for any man) is gorgeous. And the view from up here is spectacular.

Floor to ceiling windows, you can see from east to south to west the entire valley floor from mountains to mountains. The airport is like that German miniature airport model, except it has really tiny airplanes that actually fly. Mirage and T.I. are dwarfed. And the Fashion Show Mall looks as stupid as ever.

But first things first - we had some gaming to do.

"Put a hundred dollar bill out," I said, as I did the same.

"Okay, a hundred each, lets play."

Yes, it was my favorite casino game - Guess the Exorbitant Price of the Room Service Entree. It was my idea, so Mrs. F. got to pick the entree - Eggs Benedict.

You had to guess the price without going over and if we both went over, closest guess won. Mrs. F won the toss and guessed $18.

I guessed $22 dollars. I was pretty confident that Steve Wynn knows how to overcharge for Eggs B.

We looked up the actual Exorbitant Retail Price of the Room Service Eggs B. which was.... $19. I'd been bested again, by my own student of such inanity. (She kindly returned my hundy, knowing I would cry and pout mercilessly the entire day, thus ruining our vacation, until she did. Savvy.)

Wynn Room Service Menu

I was pretty excited to see that our suite here at Enynn has a definite grommet motif. I'm positive some of Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer's size 7 grommets are used throughout the resort.

Wynn Grommet Lamp

Wynn Grommet Painting

You can clearly see that our new Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer logo has influence over the entire bevy of Enynn designers. I feel very at home next to the grommet-inspired motifs found throughout the resort.

The offer we got from Enynn (well, the offer Mrs. Flusher got - I am here at her pleasure) included $300 free play which is not really $300 in free play. It's Free Credit. And it's not free. Basically, when you turn the Free Credit on, each time you bet some money, the machine ponies up the same amount after the hand.

Mrs. F. put a hundy in a machine and played the $300 through on dollar Bonus Poker, and when she was done, there was $360 in the machine. Subtract her original hundred and you can see that the Free Credit was converted to $260 in bettable pocketable cold hard cash.

Meanwhile, I ran a $20 up to $80 and then got dealt quad 6s, so we were both pretty happy - off to a good start.

Wynn Video Poker

What's your favorite number? 69 Dudes!

We'd brought a double each from the room and then started (stupidly) ordering cocktails. We tried some other machines to mixed results and I ordered a few Absoluts 'with your famous Enynn big-ass olives in'. Wynn has the giantest olives I've ever seen in a cocktail.

We hammered the machines (as well as our bloodstreams) and the QQ was having some luck, while mine had changed. I was pounding 50 cent Double Double Bonus, looking, looking for a quad. We probably played for an hour and a half like that, getting louder, and louder and having more and more fun that we wouldn't remember the next day.

Quad 10s at Wynn

Wynn Quad Queens

Wynn Four Deuces

I'd dropped about $140. I came sooooo close to getting the Aces with Kicker I coveted. On 50 cent Double Double Bonus it would pay a mind-boggling $1000. I ended up with three Aces and a kicker numerous times and became more and more agitated. And my credits were dropping.

Unexpectedly, I hit quad 8s from two cards for $125 and was so excited and happy I did a 360 degree spin in my chair. Hmmm, felt funny! I did a few more spins and then did a 359 degree spin. The reason it wasn't a 360 degree spin was that my knee getting lacerated on the front of the VPmachine stopped me dead. OMG it hurt.

The cocktail waitress happened by... and I held my hand over my glass.

"Cut me off,"


"YES. Cut me off of alcohol. And cut me off of big-ass olives especially."

Wynn Video Poker

Wynn Cocktail Waitress

Well, we kept at it. Looking for those aces. I hit another quad, Kings and we kept pounding. We were racking up slot club points if nothing else.

I guess I wore the machine down because I got the consolation Aces for $400 - no kicker. I was ecstatic. It pretty much made my day, in terms of win/loss.

Aces, no kicker

Mrs. Flusher suddenly felt nauseous so we high-tailed it back to the room, where she rested up and I fucked around on the internet. I was starving, but put a cork in it for a while.

She came to feel better and was even hungry, so we decided to order up room service to celebrate Victory at Enwynn. Two french onion soups, mac and cheese, and a rib eye steak, medium rare.

The service was impeccable. And the food was delicious.

I'd love to learn to make my own french onion soup at home but I can't find a reliable supply of quality French onions.

We had the table put by the window and gazed at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas lights. Everything was perfect, plus Mrs. Flusher didn't barf. That's RFW to me.

Las Vegas Night

Encore Room Service

Encore Room Service Ribeye Steak

Encore Room Service Steak Dinner

The Stats

The Quad Queen is up $180 on the day, up $1,140 on the trip.

Royal Flushynn is up $510 on the day, up $2,765 on the trip.

Combined, we are up $3,905 on the trip.

Not bad, eh?!


    1. Wup! Wup! Not 17 royals but goin' good. Keep it up !

    2. You'd be happy to know my first born son is named Phineas Thadeus Veeblefetzer Funkhouser the first.

    3. Oh real get yourselves drunk and play the worst paytables 8/5 DDB ... yikes !!

    4. Aloha, Great reviews and I'm really enjoying your trip. Keep up with reporting the details and Thank You!

      J "Lucky" H

    5. Wow! my only critique is that i really wanted a pic of those big olives!


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