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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Don't gamble on the stupid last day

Reposted from the classic 2013 Victory Trip.

Mar 6, 2013 - Last day of the Victory Trip. We had one full day left and were out on the morning Air Fuckyou Canada flight the next day.

And this is where it got scary, for me. We were soooo close to achieving an unprecedented $4K win on the trip - but I know how last days go. I've gotten burned more often than not playing just before heading out.

Our early play wasn't a disaster - nothing I felt like photographing, a quad each at the Cal. Then over to Main Street.

Mrs. Flusher has unbelievably not even got one scratchcard at MSS this trip. I beat her this day too, hitting Jacks for $62 and a two dollar scratcher.

So I was kind of okay, and she was kind of down a bit, or more than a bit. Sort of slipping into the vat of bad luck, which was warm and beany, with a kind of crust around the rim. If this bad luck vat were a vat of awful chili, you wouldn't even want to eat it on a lousy hot dog.

Don't worry, it'll make a modicum of sense later. But just a very small modicum.

Things actually started out okay, we were feeling our way along. We grabbed some breakfast at the Cal coffee shop counter. Mrs. Flusher ordered the steak and eggs.

I snickered.

I know better. The New York 'steak' they serve for breakfast at places like this is the size, shape, texture, and flavor of the Dr. Toejam Bunion Sav-r Arch Support Footrest insoles I've had in my running shoes for the last 18 months.

So I opt for a bespoke order of two eggs over hard, and access to the exclusive Breakfast Buffet. See for yourself the wonders of the 'trough' as we savvy gamblers call it.

Market Street Cafe Breakfast Buffet
Eggs, rice, things, stuff... ALL the trimmings!!!!

Country Throw-up Gravy
Keep that Country Throw-up Gravy Hot, boys!!! Flushie is HUNGRY!!!

So I get my plate back to the counter and here is the Quad Queen's 'steak' and eggs.

You call that medium rare??? HA!

California Hotel and Casino Steak and Eggs

Actually, it looked pretty damn good. The steak was a real steak. And it WAS cooked exactly medium rare. (The color looks shite in the picture because of jam on my piPhone 3.14 lens.) Lesson for next time at The Cal.

Having broken fast, we broke fast for a cashback run.

The Golden Nugget yielded $46 in cashback, and a breakfast comp for $20.

And the Four Queens yielded about $45 dollars for me and $120 for the Quad Queen - enough to pump up her stake some. She hadn't picked up from this summer, and played pretty heavily this trip so that's why it was so high.

Then it was over to The D to gaze at their fancy carpeting, which made me pass out a little. I kind of want this endless coin extravaganza floorware in my house so I can be dizzy all day long. Wheeeeee!

The D Casino Carpet

Oddly, we were hungry for a snack, but planned a decent dinner at the Pasta Pirate, so we opted for an American Coney Island Dog Hotdog Frankfurter thingy. This outlet seems to be kind of hyped up, and it is, I guess, a big thing in the D - as in Deee-troit.

I can't imagine why. I've made three times better dogs using those Pillar's Pound O' Boar Dicks you get in the ziplock bag packaging from Costco.

It was tasty I guess but they super skimped on the chili and the cheese. Does this dog look like it is worth over five bucks??

American Coney Chili Dog

American Coney Chili Vat
The Vat O'Chili attendant backed away from being photographed with this appetizing hot mess.

American Coney
I'd rather watch politics than see behind the counter at American Coney Island Dog Hotdog Franks again

We played away upstairs at the D trying this and that. I had a little bit of luck with a Wheel of Meat machine, but nothing much else.

It looked like the day was going to be 'try to break even or at least not lose your shirt'. I'd run out of underwear for the trip three days previously - I could hardly stand to lose a shirt as well!

Finally, at the Fremont, the Quad Queen started to hit a few... and I started to go into the dumper with $20 after $20 yielding nothing after nothing.

Video Poker Upright Quad Kings

There were interludes of blogging and resting, packing and fretting... and in our pre-dinner play, we hit Main St. Station again, and the bar there.

This bar is commonly known by the name the Boar's Head bar but it really isn't named that.

I chatted with Kellie about it and she came up with the idea of having a contest to officially name the bar. I think this is a great idea and Boyd should run with it.

Boar's Head Bar

Meanwhile, I lost about $100 chasing Boner Deluxe quads (and not catching any) at the Not the Boar's Head Bar. I was down a couple hundred and getting worried.

We headed to the Pasta Pirate for their surfing turf special. Frankly, I don't know how those tail-less lobsters are going to do any surfing.

Pasta Pirate

We had one more bash at the Cal and I ramped from quarters to fifty cents. And I hit a quad for $62. I breathed a sigh of relief - I had a nice stake to build from with about $85 in the machine.

Well, that machine dove straight into the ground. I literally couldn't win a thing. My mind was screaming CHANGE MACHINES - NOW!!! and my other mind was thinking 'no, I'm going to beat you, you sumbitch'. In two minutes it was gone.

We played some Treasure Chest and the Quad Queen got a couple to improve her situation.

And, she simply quit. She'd had enough.

Meanwhile, I was thinking... I need a Royal and I need it now. I got on a run on quarter Treasure Chest, pounding it for an hour but eventually going out.

And then I kind of went stupid.

$100 in dollars. Gone.

$40 in a slot. Gone.

Before I knew it I was way deeper than I wanted to go.

I did win a bit on a slot, and actually played for half an hour on it, but put it all back going for a big win... stupid fucking last day.



Trip over.

Bright side, we won!

Dark side, we could have won more.

Got up the next day and finished packing, checking flights, and all that interminable crap it takes to get out the door. Headed to the Nugget and ate breakfast. The single, most annoying server known to the Western World told me no less than three times that I would have to pay the difference between the cost of breakfast and the comp. And that it could be paid at...

...wait for it...

...The Cashier!!!!

Back at the Cal... we played a 20 or two each, and the Quad Queen got one last quad... fittingly, queens.

Video Poker at the Cal

 I took my bags down early and went at that slot again. It had really played a lot on $40.

Put $40 in. Gone in 2 minutes.

Fuck it. Put $100 in.

Played. Played. Down... down....

Where was my big, blog-busting earth shattering, trip making, comeback win????

Well, I did hit for $240, and cashed out a $100 profit. So that felt good.

Slot Win

And at the airport, we did indeed play again, and unusually, I didn't hit a quad like I have done so many trips before.

The Quad Queen got the last one, fives, on some horrible short pay high volatility machine. So between us, we actually managed to make back, oh $60 or so.

McCarran Airport Slots Video Poker

The Last Day Stats (including the last morning)

Royal Flusher - lost $575 on the last day and made $20 the next morning
Quad Queen - lost $365 on the last day and made $40 the next morning

Royal Flusher on the trip - Up $2,280
Quad Queen on the trip - Up $745

Combined, up $3,025.

That looks like the Victory Trip to me. It covers all our out-of-pocket expenses. So this 16 day extravaganza cost us exactly nothing.

But wait! There's more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The comps...

Adding all our comps up, it comes to a value of $2,264 in room nights, meal comps, free play and cashback.

And it doesn't include the priceless memories of our 44th trip, and our luckiest and best trip ever.



After an uneventful flight home Monday, I'm back to the grommet line at Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer, cranking out those little rubber devils.

Never - EVER - underestimate the value of this... After all, grommets are the small round rubbery things that keep things from rubbing up against other things in some of your manufactured items.

Look around you from time to time. Because, when you see a grommet - you can see the world.

Royal Flusher

Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer


    1. Another Great Trip and Report in the books Flusher! Nice Win and thanks again for the effort to blog all the details! Since you won and basically had a no cost trip, might there be a return trip in the near future??

      Thanks again for the reports!

    2. Hey Royal - Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us and congrats on the nice overall win. I know this has to take you a lot of time to compile the report an pictures, but, trust me, for a chump sitting home in the cold midwest it really cheers me up to read your reports.

      Congrats on the over all win. That last day is a real killer - if you are up, you want to make them pay even more, and if you are down, you chase - either way it never turns out pretty.

      One observation - I think having a longer trip makes it much better. You can slow down a bit - move around a lot more and go back and play on machines you won on in the past. You can also quit gambling if things are not going well knowing you will have plenty of time to gamble.

      Take care and once again Congrats! on the winning trip.

      1. Hey Proxy - thanks for your kind words. It does take quite a bit of time, so its nice to know that people out there enjoy my ramblings.

        It seems to take me a week to even start to relax, so a two week trip is pretty awesome. And it takes the pressure off somewhat because you know you have plenty of time to play.

    3. Another fabulous report! I enjoyed it as I do all your writings!

      1. Thanks Blonde! Good luck to you in the near future!

    4. thank you for helping me make it thru these last two weeks with your most excellent report Flusher!!!

      1. Thanks BeeeJay. Hope you have more hits on Boner Deluxe than I did. I had one good one but mostly it tore me a new one.

    5. enjoyed every last word and picture........

    6. Thanks for a great report, you've definitely inspired me to constantly update my blog while I'm in Vegas - it just gives a better picture of the ups and downs of the trip. When you mentioned in your updates you were 'doing some blogging', were you pissed when you were writing? Just that I think that will be the demise of friendships of the people I'm with - speaking/writing my mind while highly intoxicated.

      1. I certainly have had a few while writing but I've managed to keep my filters on. You should warn your companions that anything they say or do is potential fodder for public consumption on your blog!

      2. Oh definitely, I usually find most my drunken qualms are with American's over the UK-English and American-English differences. So when is your next trip?

    7. Hey Now!
      I did my best to keep Chippy busy while y'all were away....
      Great report as usual. Congrats on a true Victory Trip!!

    8. Fantastic report as always Flusher. It felt like I was there with you. Well not really, except when I took a weekend trip down to AC. Go Leafs Go.

    9. Well Flusher I have read all your reports in past years and you definately have a sense of humour second to none. In another world you would be a sitcom writer or something along those lines.

      All that time at the Cal and no spam? WTH! My favourite food at the Cal is the omelette in the Market Street Cafe.

      What I found really interesting was you were there two weeks...because we leave March 13 for two weeks as well. We play video poker mostly with some keno thrown in. We stay mostly at Boyd properties so you can see our gambling stlyes are much the same. Oh and we are from Ontario also!

      Thanks again for your time and effort to keep us all entertained.


      1. Thanks Rick, much appreciated.

        I find that SPAM is too 'gamey' for my distinguished palette. That's why I prefer dishes concocted with Country Throw-up Gravy.

    10. Thanks for another utterly entertaining and enviable trip report RF. Sorry you didn't get 17 royals but those you bagged were wonderful just the same. My only question is how do you drink and not make mistakes. I'm a soda and juice junkie wben playing VP. Mostly because I would be having RF's "last day" blues Every gambling day. Cheers!

      1. Thanks Connie!

        Answer... I do make mistakes when drinking. Probably not a very savvy approach. But fun!


    11. Math Guy here...
      Well done Flusher & Flusherette! As always I enjoyed your reports immensely. In addition to your running commentary, I also appreciate the tidbits you included about coin-in and comp requirements at some of the properties-- thanks especially for that!

      And I'm delighted that I found no math errors this time-- well done!

      You certainly had an epic trip. Congrats on bringing home the loot. And thanks for not taking *everything* out of Vegas-- I want there to be some cash for me to take home when I next visit (just trying to think positive, the RFW). About half-way through your trip I was starting to get a bit worried about that :-)

      Seriously, you truly should look at this as a Victory Trip, because that's what it was.

    12. Absolutely awesome. I can't think of a better way to spend a couple hours than reading your trip reports. You have a fantastic style, and the blogging during your trips must take up a pretty good chunk of time.

      "Dr. Toejam Bunion Sav-r Arch Support Footrest insoles"
      Reading this made be laugh for about 30 seconds and actually brought tears to my eyes. Thank You.

      wpete form


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