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Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Island of Treasure Island Treasure

Reposted from the classic 2013 Victory Trip.

Las Vegas Strip

Mar 2, 2013 - I slept pretty well, leaving the curtain open so I could gaze across at the Mirage and imagine Mrs. F ensconced in the smart-ass super penthouse myVEGAS suite - which lay just under the twinkling 'AGE' in the front wing facing T.I.

I presumed she was gazing longingly at my room, three floors from the top (under the 'S' in Treasure Island). Or maybe she was gazing longingly at one of the three flat-screen TVs in her 82,030 square foot penthouse lah-di-dah suite. One of those was a huge hide-away flatscreen at the foot of the bed - the kind that rises up for viewing when you press a remote, porno-style.

I got up and downed one of those canned Starbucks double espressos. For some reason these, should have the jolt I need. But don't. And for some reason, they always fizz coffee foam everywhere when I open them, even though they aren't fizzy. Anyone else figure out why that is??

The QQ was on her way to TI where I was already downstairs banging on our favorite 50 cent BP machines. I'd hit quad sevens - a nice little start - and then gave 50 cent Double Double Bonus a try.
Well, what do you know. I held 3 Aces. Hit deal. Had a millisecond to register the fourth Ace dealt (GOOD!), and then registered the kicker being dealt (GREAT!!!!).

Talk about getting the Aces with Kicker monkey off my back after chasing it for a year and a half. This was unreal! One. Thousand. Flusherbucks.

Aces with Kicker for $1000

What a turnaround! In the last hour of gambling, including the previous night, I'd hit for $200, $500 and $1000. Me so happy!!!!
The Quad Queen showed up - I'd kept the hand around to show her.
"How was your night in the Ee-o-Eleven suite?" I asked.

"Lousy. The TV is possessed. Just when I fell asleep it started to randomly go up and down out of its housing by itself."

Apparently her porno-style TV had a mind of its own. It did its thing a number of times in the night, waking her each time.

Hello Kitty Gets Kinky
Hello Kitty is still getting lucky.

The dollar progressive we'd eyeballed the day before was up over $6000 so we gave it a shot. I came close... twice. Sadly I fanned on the shot each time.

Failed Royal Flush Draw

Failed Royal Flush Draw

Dealt Quad on Video Poker

We tried a few 'weird' VP games, QQ got QQQQ, and then I headed off to get slaughtered at Blackjack again. This time I lasted 50 minutes on $100.
On the way back to the room to do some blogging (!) I spied a slot I liked the look of. She had slim shiny hips, a long lean handle as firm and toned as chromium steel, and two hot buttons that were begging to be pressed. Even better, she didn't talk much, just took everything I'd want to give her without complaint, just a few sultry beeps.

Super Times Pay Win

I hit that lady hard, HARD, for about $140. We parted ways with a knowing smile, me sweating slightly but satisfied, she, smelling lightly of oil. Oil and money.

After blogging for a while, I headed over to Walgreen's for supplies, and then up to the Mirage super-suite to pick up the QQ. We hopped in the rental car and headed down to MGM where another Lioness lay in waiting.

Mirage and Wynn

Mirage Las Vegas

We gave the Lion's Share machine $100 (the progressive is almost at $2.3M) and played for maybe half an hour. Then, we headed off to the Rainforest cafe to burn off $60 in express comps I've had on my card for a while.

The Rainforest Cafe... is a completely immersive environment resplendent with fibreglass trees, plastic foliage, third-rate animatronic animals, starry skies above, and some flashing lights and recorded thunder to simulate a thunderstorm. 

Rainforest Cafe at MGM Grand

The food was pretty good and the service was pretty good, but I think I'm done with the place. For one thing, its freaking loud, and I left there feeling like I needed a few hours of solitary confinement in the prison camp cooler.
Rainforest Cafe Steak

Rainforest Cafe

Rainforest Cafe at MGM Grand

That said, few restaurants have done as good a job creating an entire environment. There should be more such establishments. Why not the Desert Cafe with an all sand floor, blistering hot lights above, no shade, and dry wind? Or the North Pole Cafe, with freezing temperatures, and lots of ice cream on the menu?

The highlight of the MGM trip was when Mrs. F got 'traveller's issues' after lunch and we had to camp out next to the MGM Restroom. I regaled the poor woman with supportive, helpful commentary. 

"Did you get a flush?"

"That machine looks pretty loose."

"Your credits are just evacuating."

"Full house. Empty house. Full house. Empty house."

"Those tens are cramping the Jacks."

"Hey you got two Asses I mean Aces."

Things resolved with the help of medication and a bottled water I procured to take the medication with.

And so, it was back to T.I. to the soundtrack of the Mexican polka station. Perfect for whipping around a crowded self-park lot. In fact, we heard a great song that seemed to possibly be called 'Beep beep beep'. I have to look it up.

We had a few stiff cocktails from our ample supply in my room, in prep for the night. The dollar progressive was over $7000 and we went after it. The QQ had one four-to-a-royal draw but it was nothing doing. A shame. It felt like this was our chance to put it over the top for this trip with a huge win.

I went on a dollar VP run, playing about 400 hands on a $20 buy-in. I had sixes on a redeal, which kept me afloat for a long time and then it just kept climbing. Made it up to about $240 and cashed out after an hour at $200.

Mrs. F. couldn't seem to win and she packed it in, down $680.

I kept going, hitting Aces yet again on 50 cent, and then Queens.

Four Pointies

Video Poker

What a great day I'd had - it was a shame my partner in crime couldn't say the same.


Royal Flusher up 900 on the day, up 2,765 on the trip.

Quad Queen down 680 on the day, up 1165 on the trip.

Combined we are up 3,930 on the trip.


    1. So happy to read on your blog about your adventures and good fortune(s). Your humorous writings are very much appreciated.
      Reading about you and QQ's hits and misses has been, and is my excitement for the week; sad, I know! Would it be possible to give (2) updates a day......since you're on your own at night, thought maybe you'd have extra time on your hands
      Hope to read the Prog got to +7k and you or QQ hit it.
      Continued luck...VPSue

    2. Sorry for being slow, but why have you and Quad Queen been separated? Is it something to do with Myvegas that I missed?

    3. who is quad queen, who is mrs. flusher, who is who?

    4. Great questions. The Quad Queen decided that she would like to have a great night's sleep - without me! So I used the room at T.I. and she enjoyed the fancy-ass Mirage penthouse suite.

      I think after two weeks she may be getting tired of my immaturity. :)

    5. The Quad Queen and Mrs. Flusher are one in the same person.

      I tend to try to think of variations on things including how I refer to her. Sorry if it is confusing!

      R.F. aka R.F.

    6. That is crazy, are you really THAT bad? Lol. So what's the story with MyVegas not letting you redeem other offers - duplicate accounts??

      1. Simply put, I broke the Terms of Service. You are supposed to run myVEGAS without any helper apps to gather chips or play the game. For about 4 or 5 days out of 2 months I violated this (not realizing it wasn't allowed).

        Many others have done the same, but my screen name on various Vegas forums is the same as my Facebook name and when I posted about it, I presume they saw it and shut off the ability for me to redeem awards.

      2. Oh dear, does this include the Game Feeds app that auto-collects your chip posts on your news feed???

    7. i thing you posted the same day twice...we seem to be missing part 2. part 1 was posted twice. we do not know what happened when you went to check into the Mirage. Obviously you got the room but i do not see a post???

      1. This got sooooo messed up. I posted two days for Mirage / T.I. and they both had the same URL. I tried to figure this out for an hour. Finally, I just reposted one of the two parts a second time.
        Part 1:
        Part 2:


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