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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The 20th Anniversary Las Vegas Cheapstravaganza Trip - brought to you by Roam Mobility!

Note: Flusher no longer recommends Roam Mobility.

July 2013 This sell-out post is was brought to you by our sponsors, Roam Mobility.

Hello loyal readers.

Hopefully some of you are Chivettes, which I recently found out about. I am wondering if there is a cult group of Flusherettes out there.

If there are, they are probably amongst the hotter of the I.S.G.s (Island Senior Girlfriends) that I regularly meet at the Cal.

Been a while, I know, but I'm happy to say I'm in pre-game for the next riveting, exciting, throbbing, pulsing, jumping, leaping, pondering, confusing, winning, eating, embarrassing, cheapskating trip to Las Vegas.

It's just 20 years now since the Quad Queen and I made our first foray to The Big Spin. Yup, 20 years and some 44 trips.

It was July 1993 and we spent a week in Luxor, back when it was a pyramid. And we never looked back, except to see what we might have stepped in.

So I'm poring over the offers and putting together an 'EPIC', MEGA-TRIP, CHEAPSTRAVAGANZA. Hoping to stay and eat mostly free, and devote the rest of my dough to big-time quarter gambling.

The trip will be blogged live, so you can follow the idiocy along from the comfort of your connected device.

In true Cheapstravaganza fashion, I've SOLD OUT.

Yes, Royal Flusher has a sponsor.

We Canadians pretty much get screwed on cellular rates when we go to the US, and as you have heard, it is rumored that Vegas is part of the US.

Even with Rogers special 'Do Me!' package last trip, we still spent a couple of hundred bucks keeping the cheap smartphone knock-offs that the Crafty Korean co-owners of Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer (where I spend my days slaving for The Man, making size 7 grommets) online.

And the whole time, I was panicking, wondering if I was somehow running up a $22,000 cell phone bill (like that Vancouver guy in Mexico did) spending 4-5 hours a day cyber-stalking gazing upon pictures of Chivettes.

Well, there's a great alternative from Vancouver's own Roam Mobility. (Note - Full dislosure - this is a 'refer a friend' link - if you click on it and buy time from Roam, I get a free day out of it, and you get a free day out of it. Now that is selling out and sticking it to The Man at the same time. Totes Royal Flusher Way!)

They have a sponsorship program for bloggers (know any?) and yours truly, The Flusher, somehow fell through the cracks and by some huge corporate mistake, qualified!

This means I get a whopping 20% discount on a SIM card for my niPhone, and the best part, a free connectivity package for the upcoming trip.

In return, I said I'd post and tweet about Roam. Seems like a fair exchange to me, and to be honest, I was going to try them out last time, except they didn't yet have nano-SIM cards available for the niPhone.

I'll be letting you know how it works out for me and you Canadians out there (yes, I know there are some) can give it a try if you like. And if its crap service, I'll say so. And if its great, I'll say so.

We'll see.

Even if I paid for a Roam plan, it tops out at $4 a day for phone, text and 100MB of data. Way more reasonable than anything I've seen, and much more convenient than standing outside the Golden Nugget, on one foot, on a milk crate, trying to poach the 'hidden' signal I know about, to try to post a couple of pictures on Facebook.

So, all the fairly pedestrian, boring highlights from my upcoming trip will be brought to you in part by Roam and at no cost to me. That seems like the perfect deal, and represents my first comp of the trip.

Come back in the coming days for all the action.

Because nothing gets between me and Las Vegas. Nothing.

Except a trip to Saskatchewan that I have to knock off first. Huh???

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