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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

20th Anniversary Cheapstravaganza Blue Moon Vegas Trip!

It just so happens that a Blue Moon will light my way to Vegas on my flight from Toronto tonight.

This has got to be incredible, incredible, fantastic good luck.

The moon turns blue while I'm actually enroute, probably punching a stubby finger over and over at the unresponsive seatback screen, trying desperately to find something to watch, only to have it preceded by 382 commercials for credit cards and travel destinations where they've shooed the tourists off the beach so they can film it when it actually looks halfway decent, but in no way represents the cigarette butt foot-burning sand reality filled with timeshare hawkers you'll find if you actually go there, and then when the movie finally gets going, all the titty parts are cut out, and the pilot interrupts every 6 minutes to tell you there will be a minute or two of turbulence or that the temperature in Vegas is 2 degrees warmer than expected.

So what is a blue moon?

The blue moon is universally misunderstood.

It is not a Smurf bending over with his pants down, waggling his puckered crater at you.

And it is not the second full moon to happen in the same calendar month! No it is not!

The blue moon is the third of four full moons to occur in a season. In this case, summer, from the solstice, to the equinox, more or less.

So at 9:45 Eastern time, I'll be looking out the little airplane window for a bent over Smurf.

Now, let's see what kind of luck the blue moon brings in Vegas!

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