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Monday, August 26, 2013

Car Car Karma and Picnic at Encore

Woke up a bit later than usual, feeling kind of crummy still - but that was not going to stop me! This is Vegas. There is gambling to do! Winnings to seek!

Coffee at the bar yielded an impressive $120 loss. Took a breakfast break at Magnolias and enjoyed their version of the Single Lonely Diner Table, which is the booth in back, furthest from everyone, across from the bus boy station.
Magnolias Single Lonely Diner Table
On less volatile games I like to try to do the parlay thing. Start out at quarters and if you double it go up a level. If you halve it, drop back a level. It applies the simple philosophy 'press when winning, not when losing'.

I got a quad and hiked up a level to 50 cents but ended up running through it all.

So, over to the bar. Two of The Mikes were in session and we had a great time hanging out. Those guys really hustle. I love hard work... I could watch it all day.

Spent some time talking to a reader of the blog. Very nice woman to talk to, and she impressed me.

She manages 25K coin-in on a 3 days stay - on quarters. Now that takes some savvy video poker play! I forgot to ask if she gets limo to/from the airport for that.

Something to shoot for?...

This session, I ended up cashing out even. Was this a trend? It was nice to do something other than lose.

At round 2 of the tournament, it was mentioned that no-one had gotten a royal yet. So the tournament was up for grabs. I altered my strategy significantly, concentrating on holding Aces and any part of a royal. If I was dealt junk with a 10, I'd hold just the 10. If I was dealt King Queen unsuited, I'd pick one of them and hold it. I didn't screw around and I pounded hands out every second or two.

I was dealt 3 Aces three times but couldn't connect. And no Royals for me. And one Royal for a woman in my round. So the tourney was a bust. The tournament gift was a 1/18 scale metal model car. Not that carry-on friendly an item, so I gave it to one of the Mikes for their young son to enjoy.

It's good in life to do things like this.

It builds your Car-ma.

One final bash at the bar DDB and wouldn't you know it, I hit a bunch of 'em, including not one but two premium quads including the Aces (but where was the kicker?)

Mike and I ran the math and confirmed this is as close as you can get to a Royal without getting one.

Nice Aces! Where's the kicker???!!!!

VP Porn.
I headed up to the room and packed all my stuff up - I was bailing a day early on my three night comp stay to head over to a three night comped stay at Encore. Well, wouldn't you?

I love the Four Queens, but it's hard to turn down the plush snotty sophistication of Encore. The rooms are genuinely gorgeous and super comfy, even if the video poker is sub-par compared to downtown.

Thinking it was a good idea to just see if I could get on a dollar run, I put $20 into Jacks as a last gasp - and played it up to $80.

Well this was looking up - I'd fortified my bankroll by some $280. I was going to need it because I'd planned to play bigger at Encore and focus on dollars.

Besides hitting The Loose Deuces, an ongoing goal for my trips is to get a dollar Royal Flush. It has been over ten years since my last, and only, dollar royal. It has eluded me for far too long. The only thing is, to get a dollar Royal, you have to play dollars. And it gets expensive, fast.

Headed off in the rental car - a P.O.S. Charger - this thing drives like I walk after drinking at the bar. It's loose, sloppy, and wanders.

Because I was headed for the Luxury of Encore, I did the reasonable thing - loaded up on cheap beer and groceries to picnic on in the room.

Big Rains in Vegas, and Big Simpsons Like Sunsets

Savvy Cheapstravaganza Picnicking (That Would Make Steve Faint)
Why pay premium prices for drop-dead gorgeous supermodels to hand feed you the finest foods on earth while ensconsed in the opulent decor of one of Wynn's 21 award winning food venues when you can feast on a tortilla sandwich???

Chores done, I checked in and smoothly waved a folded twenty dollar bill in the air while enquiring about 'free upgrades' and winking profusely.

Nothing doing.

But you know what, I was in a good mood and the check-in woman was so efficient, pleasant and friendly that I tipped her anyway 'for good service'. She was genuinely thankful.

Up in the room - facing southside, which I like - I got unpacked, wrote up yet another hysterically entertaining (to me, anyway) blog entry. Took a long shower and shave, and pondered my plan.

For the last 8 weeks, I've had this vision in my head of going down to the Encore casino, where some little-known dollar 8/6 Bonus Deluxe machines awaited. I planned to play the hell out of these and hope for the best.

The moment finally came. I saddled up. Check the wallet. I had $600 to pursue my dreams with. Cleaned the Flusher specsticles so I could see the winning hands clearly. And down I went.

Passing a seemingly never-ending stream of beautiful young women, who seemed to sort of wink at me and whisper words of encouragement as I passed like "Good luck, Flusher", and "Go get 'em Royal. You're the best!", and "Geez, why not take a picture, pervert!".

There was the concierge desk, right where I knew it would be, unmoved from an hour ago when I checked in. And there were the craps tables. And there was that big column right where I remembered it. And just behind it lay...

They were gone.

The best machines I knew of in EnWynn at a denom I can actually play at, were gone.


I did a long reccy of the Encore casino but couldn't find them anywhere. So I settled on taking a flyer at Double Double at the bar. 9/5.

$100 on dollars lasted me, oh, about 4 minutes.

A second $100 on 50 cents lasted me, oh, about 7 minutes. This was sucking heartily.

I wimped over to some dollar 7/5 Bonus machines. Lower volatility but less chance for a big score without the premium quads of Double Double.

I put in a hundred and played. And played. And played. And I hit a nice quad and cashed out the ticket.

I put in a second hundred and played. And played. This machine played like a dream. An hour passed. Luck turned and I drained my reserves. And on the last $5 in the machine, this:

The goal I'd had was to play a couple hours of dollars if possible - and I did exactly that. Another hundy went into the machine at one point. And when that was done, for some reason, I blew 100 in slots.

And that wrapped the day. If not for the slots, I could have broken even. Instead, I am down $120 for the day. And if I hadn't - oh nevermind, there are a million 'ifs' in this game.

And I played about $6000 coin-in on those dollar machines.

On the trip I am down $650. Not bad for five days or so. All I need is a quarter Royal and I'm up. And a dollar Royal... and I'm way up. Here's hoping.


    1. Royal Flusher, just want you to know that every morning that you are on a LV trip I run to my computer to see if you have posted anything new. I wait with bated breath.....

    2. Thank you, Anonymous. Every morning I run to the computer to see if there are any uplifting comments like this one. :)

    3. I have been waiting anxiously since this morning for your report. I am assuming that Steve Wynn found about your sandwich stash and kidnapped you. why else is it taking so long for today's report?

    4. Hey Flush, did ya check your fly before you savvily waived the folded twenty in front of the check-in woman???


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