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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Four Queens and Four More Queens

So would today be an awful $500 loss day taking me over -$1000, or would it be a wonderful thrill-ride packed with exciting casino action and beautiful women buying me ice cold beer and telling me what a cool guy I was?

You don't know at this point, but I do.

Today's Royal Flusher Song of the Day is...

...Show Biz Kids - Steely Dan

(Las Vegas, Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas)
(Lost Wages, Lost Wages, Lost Wages, Lost Wages)
While the poor people sleepin'
With the shade on the light
While the poor people sleepin'
All the stars come out at night

I got up early this morning in Main Street Station, about 5:30, and ate some of my 'good boy' breakfast food. Yogurt. Almonds. But damn, I was still so hungry. Ate another yogurt. Still hungry. I'd have to tough it out.

It was going to be a busy day. I started out with some dollar Bonus Poker and dumped $70 in no time. Took the remaining $30 from my initial hundy and had a good ole run on The Loose Deuces. Drank casino coffee and reveled in my good fortune, to be where I was, playing The Loose Deuces and drinking that thin casino styrofoam cup coffee.

It is still a life goal to hit those $625 Loose Deuces. Instead, I hit four $5 natural quads. But at least I played for a while and didn't lose much - that $30 lasted me an hour on The Loose Deuces.

By the time I was done playing I was down about $150 on the day.

After sitting through a long Web conference presentation ("Envelope Flaps - Tape, Lick, or Staple? - Modern Closures for Modern Times") I packed up all my Royal Flushering gear and hoofed it to the Four Queens - my next destination, to partake in a VP tournament.

I stopped in at the Mikes bar and said hello to Mike. We exchanged Maple Leafs and Flyers insults appropriately and got caught up.

Four Queens has a cool bonus (and it's about time) - get four queens on video poker, and you get a $25 freeplay bonus. Runs till the end of the month. I hoped to be able to get this.

Played some at the bar, and didn't I get four queens for the bonus? Yes, I did! And some other quads too! The day was starting to look up.

Said Hi to It's Jay at the booth, and went to the front desk. It was way too early to get a room though - nothing was cleaned.

(This is the part where it gets all administrivia-ey - and this crap wears you down with all the paperwork, schlepping, and wandering about with a stupid look on your face.)

In summary: Rent Car, get $10 Magnolia's Comp, Eat Lunch, Phone MSS, Get Late Checkout, Check In at Four Queens, Drive to MSS, Park, Check Out, Check Coin In/Out, Drive to Four Queens, Valet Park, Move Royal Flushering Gear to Room, Check Safe, Call Safe Guards, Wait for Safe Guards to Come to Room to Unlock Safe, Make Standard Jokes About Leaving a Salmon in The Safe Six Months Ago - Ha Ha Ha, Stash Valuable Gear (20 Cent US Stamps, Extra Royal Flusher Business Cards, Supply Of Capital Letters For Blog), Down To Casino!

Country Fried Steak and Eggs with Throw-up Gravy! At Last! (I didn't eat it all.)
Meanwhile, back to the casino... I was lucky to meet some new friends at the bar, like Dave from Newfoundland. He's got a big handshake, a big smile, and a big heart, just like most Newfies. It's always great to catch up with a fellow Canuck, even if they cheer for Montreal.

Things were a lot of fun there this afternoon, as they usually are. Mike kept it real with his 'Formula 1 driver asshole-glasses' look.

Mike goofing with someone's glasses. Suave!
I tried for a quarter progressive Royal and hit a quad. Then I moved on from there... the action rolled on as I bumped it up to 50 cent progressive Jacks and out of the blue nailed a straight flush for $125.

What a great run I was having! And I had some cool plans on top of it all - I had to get dinner into me and head over to the Palms to see Steely Dan!!!

Magnolias P.R.O.B. - was delish and very Las Vegas Diet Friendly (I'm told.)
I showered, shaved and changed and tried some slots, with no luck. Over on the Bonus Poker uprights by the Keno lounge, didn't I hit that four queens bonus a second time??? Yes I Did!!!!

...To Be Continued...

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    1. Always good to run into Newfies traveling abroad.


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