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Friday, August 23, 2013

Lady Luck Blues

This song is somewhat appropriate for the times, given the change-over about to happen at what was for years the Lady Luck - as the new Downtown Grand hustles toward their grand opening, hustling for our bucks.

Today's Royal Flusher Gambling Song of the Day is...

...Bessie Smith - Lady Luck Blues

I'm worried down with care
Lordy, can't you hear my prayer
Lady Luck, Lady Luck
Won't you please smile down on me

Bessie sang it the way I'm living it, with the exception of losing her man to her friend of course. It's the spirit of the thing that counts right?

I can hardly wait. It's been kind of a thing, waiting for the Lady Luck to finally re-open after all those years of promises, then finding out it would be reborn some 6 years after it was shuttered. I never did make it in to the Lady Luck when it was open (or when it was closed, for that matter). And I've been keeping an eye on it these six years or so. And the day will soon be at hand when I have another place downtown to figure out and lose my ass at.

Speaking of losing my ass, I was starting to wonder where my early good luck had gone and when or if it was going to turn around.

The Keno ticket from yesterday did indeed yield $102 so my stake for the day was $400. I did some early morning VP play at the Cal, tried the Blazing 7s slot - nothing. Tried $20, here $20 there, nothing. Grabbed a coffee from Lappert's on points and thought 'Loose Deuces'.

Four ducks in this game pays $625 - about what I needed to get back even.

The problem with deuces is when you get natural quads it can kind of piss you off, because they only pay like $5. But I intended to play this game a lot and the wild royals make up for the fake quads. Wild royals are hands that wouldn't pay anything much on regular VP.

It's important to have your philosophy straight when practicing savvy gambling.

I started playing and it was going along pretty well, not losing much, which is a change. And I hit a natural quad, and got a $2 scratchcard for it.

And I hit another natural quad. And another. And another. Four of 'em in 15 minutes.

But having learned my lesson about letting anger rule you in the ugly Single Lonely Table incident last night, I took it in stride. When I got the four deuces it would all be okay. If I got them.

I played about half an hour and it was time to take in some important Web Presentations on the new proposed Caution Tape Regulations on the factory floor at Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer.

After a few hours of riveting Web Presentation Content, I went back at it in the casino, trying this and that, some dollars, some quarters. I just couldn't find a groove.

In another Loose Deuces session, I lost $100 and hit yet another natural quad. That was five in all and it was getting under my skin.

$400 under. Yeah. That bad.

Had lunch at the buffet. I've been going gonzo on this cucumber sweet/sour ginger salad stuff they've got. I have to find out what this is and whether I can buy it by the bucket at home.

After lunch, a kind of cool thing happened. I put a dollar in a slot machine and took out $2.50. I played that in quarter Bonus Deluxe and the machine kept winning hand after hand. The credits slowly rose up and before long I was up over 90. I thought, hey might as well try 50 cents. So I did, and continued to win. I hit, at one point, 4 or 5 flush draws in a row. Sometimes you think the machine is trying to help you win, everything works.

Luck turned a bit and it played down. I hit bottom a couple of times, playing my last credits, but winning again. And then a couple of full houses and I was back in it. Rollercoaster style.

I went up to dollars. I could feel the redemption quad coming. Just one more little quad and I'd be even on the day. I played it up to $130. Should I cash out? Would you have? I wanted that quad and it felt like the machine could do it.

Playing on, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 25. Luck ran bad and I went through all the dollar credits down to the last 5.

I Lazarused on those about 5 times in a row and worked my way back up to 50 or so. The quad never came. Had 4 to a Royal dealt once too.

Finally hit zero but I'd had half an hour of pounding dollar play from a one dollar bill. This is why gambling is so much fun, the mystery is never solved.

I grabbed another hundred from the room and headed to the Cal. Bought two 40 game 50 cent Keno tickets. Can you say desperation? And tried a dollar slot - nothing. And tried $20 in dollar Boner Deluxe. Nothing. Compare to the epic run above. WTF???

My last $20 of $500 for the day went to blackjack at Main Street. I wasn't even sure if I should bother getting rated, but I did. And hey, I was there a very enjoyable three hours!

Yep, three hours of blackjack on a $20 buy in. I cashed out $80 and got a comped buffet on top of it. And not just any buffet - one for Steak and Scampi night. Were things finally turning?

Ominous Skies - luck changer??
I bought a $3.99 bottle of red wine at the little store and took it up to the room. Then I went back down to the little store and bought a $2.99 corkscrew.

Did the blog up from yesterday while having a nice glass of red plonk.

Time for the last gasp and dinner. I took yet another extra hundred for backup and went down. I tried $20 here $20 there and settled on those Loose Deuces again.

And then I was dealt four to a Royal. I turned to the nice-looking woman next to me, on my right. She kind of reminded me of my mother.

"Will you hold my hand while I try for this?" I asked.

And she did, without hesitation.

I didn't get the royal, but we had a nice conversation. Lovely woman.

She got up and I said, "Here's my card. Call me anytime. Good luck. Hope it turns around for you! Thanks for helping me out and holding my hand. That was sweet. Take care! Good luck!"

"I'm only moving to the other side of you," she said and plunked down on my left.

Buffet was great - and all women (and some men, I suppose) should definitely wear heels to the buffet.

My table was spitting distance to the food!

That cucumber stuff I'm addicted to.

After dinner, I played a little VP to no effect. Went through the rest of my blackjack winnings and into the sixth hundred of the day.

Long story short - I started hitting on slots.

$20 became $30 became $60 and that $60 went into dollar Bonus Poker and....

$400 Redemption Quad
I'd tried to cash out of the Bonus Poker machine at $20 left but hit the bet one button by mistake, ramped it up to bet 5, and got a flush and kept playing.

Four Aces, four hundred dollars. Sweet.

Over at the Cal, the keno tickets yielded $48.50 and a $40 buy-in at blackjack netted $110.

Win, win, win and somehow, I reclaimed the day and ended up down only $50.

That puts me at being down $450 on the trip, which is much more reasonable than the $1K chasm I'd been staring across earlier in the day.

I'd chased away the blues, and had a great day in Vegas.

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    1. Hey, Flushie Baby...

      In the top photo, your food is touching. You do know that when you are at a buffet, you could take a plate for every food.

      Other than that, very nice report. Keep 'em coming.


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